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There are many things about the prospect of getting engaged which can depress a guy who wants to propose to his sweetheart, and sometimes even put him off the whole idea. At My Dream Engagement, we strive to make people aware of their options and how to grab them before they disappear, without losing their peace of mind in the meantime. Sure that sounds vague, but not when you think of it in terms of a diamond ring purchase, or a destination proposal. There are too many ways to go, with only some of them guaranteeing a proposal that resembles what your fiancée is expecting. Because you love her, you will want to stick close to what she likes, and our advice can help with that.

What kind of ring does she prefer? What are the specifications of a diamond that you need to be aware of? What chiefly drives the cost of these stones, and what design is tough enough to last a long while? These are just a few of the questions you will be hit with, and they only cover the ring purchase. Luckily, we have useful advice as well as regularly updated information on current trends, which you can follow or draw inspiration draw from. Our posts deal with a variety of topics, including proposal ideas, whether or not to get your girlfriend on board with picking out the ring, and others. My Dream Engagement is essentially a place to read about if and why something you are considering is or isn’t a good idea, as long as it pertains to engagements.

It goes without saying that we love blogging, and regularly publish information we think can benefit aspirant proposers. It takes a lot to plan a proposal right, but if you are sure you have the right girl in your life who is ready to be asked whether she will marry you, then nothing should hold you back. Check out our posts to learn the best ways to ensure you get to propose in the best way possible.