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Diamond Brilliance And Why You Need It

Diamond Brilliance And Why You Need It

Brilliant Cut Diamond
Brilliant Cut Diamond

One characteristic feature of a diamond is its shimmer and sparkle that manages to draw in the eyes of onlookers. However, the sparkle of a brilliant cut diamond is not the only one thing- it is a combination of components: scintillation, fire and brilliance.

Fire is the colorful flashes that occur when the diamond disperses light. The scintillation is the flashing between the light and the dark, which makes it seem as though the diamond is blinking and glittering.

What about the brilliance of the diamond?

True Beauty Hides Beneath Cuts And Polish

The beautiful diamond ring that you see on the display cases at high end stores or the finger of your spouse, didn’t end up looking like that when it was brought from the depths of the earth. It was opaque and rough.  It is the cutting and the polishing that brings about the beauty and brilliance of the diamond. How so?

To help you better understand, consider the brilliance of the diamond to be a glass plane. The light that gets past the glass pane depends on how the glass absorbs it. The more misshapen and imperfect the glass is, the more difficult it would be for the light to make it through.

A diamond that has poor brilliance won’t return the light and will end up looking dark and lifeless. The diamond that is cut and polished in such a way that its brilliance is enhanced will cause the diamond to look beautiful and reflect plenty of light.

The Cut Matters Most

The brilliance of a diamond is broken or made by the way it is cut.

When a diamond is mined, and the rough diamond is presented to the professional gem cutter, it is studied and evaluated to see what cut would best suit it- in such a way so as to maximize the light reflected through it, and make the piece of jewelry worth a ‘stop and look around’.

Ideally, you would want a diamond that has all of the above mentioned: Fire, scintillation and brilliance equally balanced. Some facets must be dark while others glitter and light up. Then again, it is a balancing act. Too much and the stone is dark when you turn it, and too little and it doesn’t have scintillation.

Make sure to get a diamond that doesn’t sacrifice any of the above mentioned 3 aspects and what you will end up with will be a marvelous piece of jewelry that keeps the room standing…

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