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What Is Crushed Ice Diamond?

What Is Crushed Ice Diamond?

Cut Diamond Ring
Cut Diamond Ring

For those who aren’t aware, the crushed ice diamond has been unfairly treated by the jewelry world. Many think of this to be just bits and pieces of diamond thrown into a bowl, mixed and fused; like a sad attempt at recreating an actual work of art – a cut diamond ring. Well truth be told, it all comes down to personal preference, and nothing more!

So, What Exactly Is Crushed Ice Diamond?

Another name is a crushed glass diamond; it is a stone that has a center that looks like ice or shattered glass. So the question is – is it shattered; as in broken? Not at all! There is no compromise on the structure of the diamond. The appearance of crushed ice comes as a result of small facets at the bottom of the stone; these are above other cushion cut diamond rings that you may have seen. The shattered appearance is intentionally made by the diamond cutter, and not the result of it accidentally falling off the table.

Why Are Crushed Ice Diamonds Made?

When trying to decide the shape of the diamond, a professional diamond cutter has to take a call. A decision based on what will best preserve the shape of the stone, while removing the most amount of inclusions possible; after all wastage is supposed to be minimum. Crushed ice diamonds mean that the diamond cutter includes small facets at the bottom to bring about another style and enhance the beauty of the stone.

What Is It Better Then? Should You Go For A Crushed Or A Non-Crushed Diamond?

To be honest, the question of “better” doesn’t even arise. It is like asking what is more beautiful: fireworks in the night sky or a shooting star. So it all comes down to whether you prefer it or not, and on which of the 4Cs you find necessary! In the case of a crushed ice diamond, the small facets included at the bottom help in masking inclusions and imperfections in the pre-existing diamond structure. As a result of the facets, the color and tint will be more. Non-crushed ice diamonds, on the other hand, have more inclusions visible but the color is unchanged.

When it comes to the cost, the ice crushed diamond is slightly cheaper; the difference maybe 10% lower than the cost of a non-crushed diamond. If you have a budget constraint then going for crushed diamond would make sense. At the end of the day, you decide what it is, that you need on your finger!

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