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Diamond Ring Settings you Need to Know

Diamond Ring Settings you Need to Know

Diamond Ring Settings
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The ring setting plays an important role in the overall allure of diamond engagement rings. In fact, ring setting is the factor that decides the diamond you need to buy. As there are numerous diamond ring settings for you to choose from today, the decision-making process can be much confusing. Below are some of the most popular engagement ring settings that you can find in the diamond industry.

Bezel Settings

This is the second most popular ring setting seen in diamond rings after the traditional solitaire. The setting is very much suitable for people with an active lifestyle. Where the diamond is held with prongs in solitaires, the center stone is encircled with a metal rim in the bezel setting to holds it in place.

There are two types of bezel setting: full setting and partial setting. In a full bezel setting, the diamond is surrounded fully, whereas in the partial setting, the sides are left open. Bezel setting can be best suited for people in professions like teaching and nursing and for all other who are in search of a diamond ring that protects the diamond adequately.

Channel Setting

This setting is best for small diamonds. In this type of diamond ring settings, the gemstones are closely set in the grooves and decorate the sides of the wedding band. This is a very popular setting for stackable rings and wedding bands, and normally features small stones without a center stone.

As there are no prongs in this setting, it can be a good option for those who are looking to have an engagement ring offering a secure fit and a subtle appeal. Channel setting offers good protection to the diamonds from the outside forces and is really unlikely to snag on to clothing and other materials.

Halo Setting

In this setting, side stones (diamonds or other gemstones) are arranged in concentric circles around the center diamond. This type of setting makes the center stone to look bigger and is a really good option to improve the appearance of small diamonds. In addition, it also increases the overall glow of the diamond ring.

Halo setting can be a good way to save money without sacrificing the overall charm of the diamond engagement ring. Moreover, this type of setting on a different color metal can provide a contrasting look to the diamond ring. There is also the double halo setting, which consists of two concentric circles encircling the center diamond.

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