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Some Popular Engagement Ring Trends Of 2022

Some Popular Engagement Ring Trends Of 2022

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime. Recently, couples are avoiding traditions and going with their gut when it comes to the design of engagement rings. Some of the top engagement ring styles that became popular in 2022 are shared below.

Toi Et Moi

Multi-stone engagement rings have become popular lately and the style is going to stick around. Experts say that double and triple stone rings will become more and more popular together with combinations of gems and valuable stones. Even though the three engagement ring has been around for quite sometime, it is experiencing a comeback lately. The tree stones are believed to be representing the past, present and the future for a couple as they go through various stages of their relationship.

Gender Neutral Rings

Gender neutral rings have become readily available and experts say that it is just a beginning. Simple and gender neutral designs are gaining popularity these days. Celebrities like Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid are now opting for chunkier stone options now. Though dainty rings are still trending for engagement rings, more and more women are now opting for bolder designs and styles that are traditionally associated with men’s fashion.

Contoured Stacks

Stacked styles are another diamond ring trend that has taken over the industry. Rings from lab-grown diamonds are also available in stacked styles and this design allows the user to get creative with combos and shapes. A stacked style can also be used to highlight an existing ring. The nested and stacked wedding styles can help uniquely highlight the center stone and make a statement.

Colored Stones

Colored stones are also popular these days as they allow couples to choose something bright and bold to represent their love. Sapphire, morganite and emerald are more popular among colored stones. Colored wedding accessories and engagement rings have increased in popularity recently and non-diamond colored stones has reached to the levels of top purchased rings.

Oval Stones

Oval shaped diamonds, particularly lab-grown diamonds have seen an increase in popularity in the last year and experts opine that these stones will only gain momentum in the coming years. Diamond experts say that the soft oblong shape of an oval stone draws attention to the hand of the wearer and offers a lengthened appearance to the fingers. It also seems that solitaire ovals are making a comeback. These are very feminine stones that are very flirty and have an essence of timelessness.

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