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10 DIY Engagement Gift Ideas

10 DIY Engagement Gift Ideas

Engagement Gift Ideas
Engagement Gift Ideas

Are you looking to present a special gift for your lovely couples? Crafting an engagement gift by yourself will be a good idea to show your love and care for the newly engaged couples. Here is the list of 10 do-it-yourself engagement gift ideas which will surely help you to craft your special engagement gift.

Photo Box

Collect some of the lovely photographs of the couple and take a printout of each photograph. Then connect each photograph in such a way that top and bottom edges of one are connected to two other adjacent photographs. Then place this connected thread of photograph in a paper box which is covered beautifully and have a lid. This one will be a wonderful and lovely gift for the couples.

Sharpie Mugs

Mugs with a personal touch are so special, right? This cool gift needs only a couple of mugs and sharpies. You can write your cute messages to the couples on these mugs. Make sure to dry the cup for 72 hours before gifting. Filling the mug with some chocolates are also fine. Sharpie mugs are very simple and easy to craft.

Clay Ring Bowl

Clay ring bowls are very easy to make and do not require any fancy tools. A mixture of clay and glue shaped into a flat round bowl need to be made. You can design the bowl and stamp first letters of the names of the couples in on the bowl. Then using a chopstick make two holes on the top and let it dry. Finally tie your rings to the bowl using a string. It is a two hour craft with stunning result. Adding some colors is also a good idea.

Canvas Portrait

Canvas portrait does not require any artistic ability. It is a very simple and effortless gift. Collect any one of the favorite photograph of couple and make a photocopy. Then take a white canvas board and put some heavy coat of gel over it. Press the photocopy against the canvas board. Keep it dry for two days. After drying completely, spray water on the paper to remove it. Now you can add a coat of gel over the canvas to protect it.

Music Lyric Photo

This is a unique engagement idea. Every couple will have a special song that represents their relationship. Why lyrics of this song can be made as a portrait gift for them? Overlapping lyrics with their first letters of name will be a great idea. For this, you just need some markers, letter stamps and white paper. Mark initial letters of couples on the paper, then fill the remaining space with lyrics. Then frame the same and pack it for gifting.

Wine Cork Heart

This is a good engagement gift as well as a home decor idea because of its rustic look. For this, you need some wine corks and a glue gun. Place wine corks in heart shape and glue each one with adjacent corks. Keep it dry for some hours. To make the gift more personable, you can add bride and groom’s wedding colors or wedding theme color to the end of cork.

Floral Letters

This gift is a floral arrangement in the shape of first letter of the couple’s name. It is a very simple and cute gift. You only need to make a piece of supporting board in the shape of couple’s letters. After shaping the board, arrange flowers on it. You can either give two separate set or same set of flowers for both letters. Make sure to use couple’s favorite flowers and wedding colors to make the gift special.

Gift Cards

A gift card crafted by you is more valuable than one you buy from a fancy store. You may worry about how to make gift cards feel more personal, what are the elements to be included in it etc. A cute personal message, some shared memories, photographs, simple paper works and designs are only needed for your gift card. Choosing a bright color for card will be also a good idea. Including some bigger and smaller fonts, colors, drawings are also fine.

Cushion Pillows

A pair of cushion pillows with a beautiful message inscribed on it will be a wonderful gift for couples. For this, you will need only a white pillow cover and some fabric colors. Using a fabric paint or by any other means, print personalized messages on the pillow and let it dry. After dried completely, try to add some decorative hangings or beads to make the pillow more attractive and beautiful.

Picture Quilt

Picture quilt is just like a photo collage printed on a bed spread. To craft this idea, you want to first make a photo collage of the couples with their cute photographs. Now print this collage on a white bed cover. Make sure that the photo collage printed is not too small or too big. This will be a very lovely and memorable gift with a personal touch.

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