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Memorable Ideas To Propose On The Beach

Memorable Ideas To Propose On The Beach

Engagement Ideas
Engagement Ideas

Have you been thinking about proposing to your other half on the beach? Well, the beach is a perfect place to get on one knee. The calm tides, slow breeze, romantic walk, and the setting sun are all contributors to the wonderful event. You can also set up something special and different if you want the proposal to be memorable. Here are a few engagement ideas to help you propose to your better half.

Draw On The Sand

If you are looking for something that could be done in a small budget, this is the best option. All you have to do is, write your question on the sand. You can also add a heart along with the question to make it more beautiful and romantic. Decorating the question with flowers or seashells will make it look more colorful and appealing. You could also pop the question in different fonts depending on what your partner likes. Keep in mind not to do this during high tides so that the question will not be washed away.

Message In A Bottle

This is another classic yet sweet way. You can strategically plant the message in a bottle and place it somewhere you are sure to pass. You can pull out the ring when you see them stumble upon the bottle and opens to read the message. It might sound cliché but it is timeless, and the feelings after getting engaged are indescribable.

Buried Treasure

If you want the occasion to be entertaining and long, you can bury your question somewhere secretly and send your loved one on a treasure hunt. You will need the help of a relative or friend to guard the treasure until it is found.

Airplane Banner

If you are ready to put in the effort, time, and money, you should give this plan a thought. You can ask her the question with a banner in the sky and also add her nickname or the picture of you two to make it creative.


No one said it has to be on land, it could also be asked underwater. If both of you love scuba diving, this is the best way to do it. You can ask your scuba diving instructor to plant the question or hold it while you get on one knee and ask her/him.

Boat Ride

If you can pop the question inside the water and on the land, why not on the water? You could surprise her/him while enjoying the beautiful sunset in a boat.

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