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Answers to All of your Bridal Makeup Questions

Answers to All of your Bridal Makeup Questions

Engagement Makeup Tips
Bridal Makeup Questions

It is not so easy to nail the perfect bridal makeup; it is about getting a flawless makeup done but still keeping your natural look intact. Nevertheless, it is also true that you will probably never put so much effort into looking good on any other day. You need to take care of a lot of things here, ranging from urgent spot concealing to maintaining your lipstick kiss-proof. So to make things a bit easier, below are a few beauty tips on bridal makeup from start to finish.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Planning

  • Ensure that your facial for the wedding is done a week or two leading to the big day, so as to fully heal the extractions. On the other hand, if you are taking a hydrating facial, then it is fine to do facial on the same week of the wedding.
  • Make sure to trial run you spray tan if you would like to have it on your special day. Moreover, if you are happy with the look, book it three days before the wedding day and remember to get it re-tested in case you change your foundation shade. If you are thinking of doing a self-tan, practice it on at least a month ahead of the wedding.
  • Shape your eyebrows a week before the wedding day, sticking on to the method you usually use – it does not matter whether it is threading or waxing. Just make sure not to try something new now. If you notice some stray hairs at all, you may pluck it off the day before the wedding.

Wedding Morning Makeup

  • If you are planning to use a radiance-boosting mask, make sure to do it in the morning when you wake up. If you are not used to doing it regularly, you could also try it on a few days ahead of time.
  • Always ensure to do your makeup in a button-up shirt or a robe, and put your dress on only after it dries. If your makeup has some extra moisture, absorb it with the help of translucent powder. This is to keep your wedding dress free of bits and pieces of makeup.
  • You could make use of eye drops to brighten up your eyes. However, avoid using white eyeliner, as it may look too evident in photos. Similarly, if you have got a spot from whitehead, pop it out carefully and put on some healing tea tree oil. Once it is dry, it would be easy for you to sandwich it using lighter layers of concealer.

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