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A Systematic Guide to Planning Your Engagement Party

A Systematic Guide to Planning Your Engagement Party

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Engagement ceremony involves less etiquette than most other ceremonies. However, the engagement decorations have to be selected carefully enough to ensure that they do not appear unfit to the occasion. For this, make sure you plan your engagement ideas in advance and follow them through. Below are a few tips to help you plan your engagement through each step of your way.

Decide The Host

According to tradition, the bride’s parents host the ceremony. However, there is no pressure on you and you can choose anyone like your fiancé, your best friend, your sibling, your partner’s family, or anyone of your choice to host it.

Choose A Date

Engagement parties are usually held after a proposal takes place and both accepts it. However, sometimes this extends longer, and you can allow it to be slightly delayed. You just have to make sure that there are no other pre-wedding events taking place during this time.

Make The Guest List

Just like all your pre-wedding parties, guests who come to your engagement party are usually invited to your wedding as well. Therefore, you should make some time and sit down with your partner to decide on the list of people who should be invited. In case you are hosting the event, make sure you stick to the same list. In case someone else is deciding, tell them to consult with you before they finalize the list.

Pick A Venue

Engagement parties are as big as you decide it to be. You can make it a very formal affair or you can pick a venue that makes it an informal celebration. Go with a cocktail party or you can choose to go with a formal event with a few people invited to a hotel. Get the seats booked or rent the entire space if you wish to make it big. Choose a private space or someone’s personal space if you want it to be a low-budget event.

Register For Gift

If you wish not to receive gifts, make sure you mention the same in a line along with your invitation card. Some of them might still want to bring one, for whom, you could start a registry. This will make sure that they bring something that you truly like. Choose the price range on these as well.

Send Invitations

This depends on the type of event you are planning to host. For instance, you could send a paper invitation if you are planning to host an event with a seated dinner. You could go for an e-vite if you are throwing a more informal party.

Follow these tips and you will be able to make your engagement party a truly amazing one.

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