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Best 5 Engagement Party Games and Activities That you Will Love

Best 5 Engagement Party Games and Activities That you Will Love

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Are you planning to throw an Engagement Party? Then here is a list of some fun games and activities that you will love to include in your engagement party. By having these fun games, you can surely entertain your friends and family throughout the whole party. Let’s check what these games are.

Ring Hunt

It is just like a treasure hunt game. You will surely love it. For this game, you have to hide some plastic rings throughout the engagement party venue and ask your guests to find it out. The one who finds the most number of rings will win the game.

The Nearly Wed Game

This is a live game session for the couples to find out how well they know each other. For this game, provide them with a mini erase board and ask them to answer several questions such as what does your partner finds more attractive on your character, what is the favorite dish of your partner, what is your partner’s mobile number, where your partner bought your engagement ring, etc. Then read these answers loudly and find who got the most number of correct answers.

The Shoe Game

It is much similar to the above-mentioned game. Have the couples sit back to back in front of the audience and exchange their one shoe with their partner’s shoe in such a way that the bride-to-be has her own shoe in one hand and her fiancé’s shoe on the other hand, and the vice versa for the groom-to-be. Now the anchor needs to ask some funny questions to the couple such as who proposed first? Who gives more surprises? Who is better at cooking? Etc. and watch which shoe each one raises.

Memory Lane

Here the anchor has to ask the guests to write down a memory about the couple (or the bride and groom individually) with their name. Then these papers need to be collected and mixed well in a bowl. The couples have to read off these papers one by one and guess to whom this memory belongs to. This is an interesting and interactive game.

Picture Match

It is one of the funniest engagement games. Get some photos of the couple and cut them into half. Then put each half in an envelope and distribute the same among the guests. Now ask them to find out their matching half. The pair who matches the photo within the time limit will win the game.

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