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Engagement Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Engagement Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

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Engagement day is one of the most special days in your life and you have to look your best on this day. You should have perfect hair and makeup to look best in the engagement photos, as it will be a reminder of this wonderful day throughout your life.

When you remember about your engagement day after years of your wedding, it should be for the great memories it holds, and not for the regret of having done bad makeup or hair. To help you with gaining a perfect look for your engagement, we are sharing some engagement makeup tips that might come handy to those who are planning about their engagement.

Avoid wearing the wrong color foundation

Select the shade of foundation that matches your skin tone way before your engagement day. A wrong foundation color can ruin your entire look. If the shade is too light you might look like a doll and if it is too dark it will look like you have painted your face. Therefore, select a foundation shade that will suit your skin color.

Not using waterproof mascara

Engagement is an emotional celebration that sometimes involves tears of happiness. Therefore, it is important to choose waterproof mascaras if you do not want to look like bad with mascara running down your cheek on your special day.

Excessive amount of blush

Do not apply a lot of blush on your cheeks as it can make you look like a doll. Make sure to blend the color of your blush with your skin tone. Do not choose a blush shade that is too bright or too dark for the skin.

Applying makeup without moisturizing the skin first

If you want a perfect look on your engagement day, we recommend moisturizing your face before applying makeup. Putting on makeup to dry and flaky skin will ruin your look. Therefore, it is better to apply some moisturizing lotion on your skin before applying makeup.

Exfoliate before applying lipstick

Exfoliating your lips before applying lipstick or lip gloss is necessary to avoid dry-looking lips. Remove the dead skin on your lips using a sugar scrub and toothbrush and put a moisturizing mask overnight to get smooth and soft lips.

Not hiring a professional makeup artist

To get the perfect look on your engagement day, it is better to hire a professional artist. They can select the best makeup and hairstyle based on your facial features and skin tone. They can also provide you some good engagement makeup tips to look stunning on your special day.

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