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Fun Games for Making Your Engagement Party More Interesting

Fun Games for Making Your Engagement Party More Interesting

Engagement Party Ideas
Engagement Party Ideas

Couples are always looking for new engagement party ideas to make their party more interesting and fun. It is an occasion when all your friends and relatives will gather together, so you should make it entertaining for them. Arranging some funny games will help your guests to get loose and enjoy themselves throughout the party. This will provide them with memorable moments that they will remember until the end of their life. Hence, we list some engagement ideas along with some exciting games that your guests will really love.

Ring hunt

This game is similar to Easter egg hunt, except that instead of eggs, we will be using rings. Hide plastic rings around the premises of your party and ask your guests to find them. The one who finds the most rings will be the winner.

The nearly-wed game

This is a funny game for finding out how well couples know each other. Select a couple and give them each a piece of paper and ask them to write the answers for questions like:

What is your partner’s favorite dish?

When is the first time you both met?

Who is the laziest person among you?

What is the quality your partner likes most about you?

When did your partner get annoyed with you the most?

You can include many other funny questions like this. After the couple finishes answering, read the answers written by both and find out how many questions are answered similarly. Give points for the same answers given for each question. Repeat the game with other couples. The couple who stacks up most points will win.

Photo station

Guests who love photos will definitely appreciate this. You can arrange photo stations based on different themes. It would be much better if you add some interesting props like sunglasses, hats, clip-on bow ties, etc.

Memory lane

Ask each guest to write down a memory about the couple on index cards. Mix them together and have the couples read them one by one. The guests should find out who the memory is associated with. The person who matches the most cards with the persons related to it wins. This will be more interesting when your guests know each other and can find out who is who.

Find the guest

Create a list including some interesting and fun facts about all of your guests and pass a copy to each one of them. Ask them to find out which fact is related to which person. The one who matches the most number of facts to the right person wins.

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