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Ideas For A Socially-Distanced Engagement Party

Ideas For A Socially-Distanced Engagement Party

Engagement Party Ideas
Engagement Party Ideas

You might have many ideas for an outdoor engagement, but what if it is an indoor event in your mind? In that case, you might be searching for some engagement party ideas that could work. Perhaps, that is why you are here: Seeking the ideas during an epidemic world where social distancing is the norm.

Scavenger Hunt

Conducting this competition is an excellent way of bringing everybody closer together, plus you can do it as an in-person or online event. You may decide how to conduct it, but winning is what matters here.

So, put yourself and engagement guests into separate teams, and hunt for clues. Every single clue has to lead the participants to somewhere/something meaningful to the future groom and bride’s relationship. The final hint may be the opening to an engagement dinner party to be celebrated with your relatives and friends. Or, it may lead to some big revelation about the engagement itself (if it is an impromptu function). Keep reading for more engagement ideas in 2021.

Pyjama Party

On colder and longer nights, few ideas are better than an engagement celebration with some marshmallows and hot chocolate. Do not forget to include some socially-distanced and COVID-19-negative relatives and friends in the celebration.

Reach a warm and comfortable position on your couch, and then binge-watch good rom-com movies. Or, in the event of not preferring hot chocolate, consider having some champagne together. There is no better occasion to have it than when celebrating your love story with your favorite people around you.

You may even choose your back garden as the residential engagement party location, weather permitting. Some tents, battery-powered fairy lights, candles, and fuzzy blankets can cause that celebratory night to be an unforgettable one. Arrange a lovely meal of waffles, pancakes, and a lot of syrup to continue the party the morning after.

Cheesy Party

A party would be incomplete without some amount of cheese in it. Love is somewhat cheesy but in a feel-good way. Are you a couple who wishes to stack impressive cheese rounds rather than even considering an engagement cake? If yes, this would be the idea that suits you.

Why not go one step further, by making the party as cheesy as possible with cheesy music, cheesy smiles for each photo, and cheesier dance moves? In that case, do not forget to set up social distancing measures, in case things go south. For instance, if there would be an engagement-special photo booth, then keep sanitizers and some masks ready there.

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