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Proposal Photo Session Tips for Getting the Perfect Moment

Proposal Photo Session Tips for Getting the Perfect Moment

Engagement Photo Ideas
Proposal Photo Session

You will spend days planning that perfect marriage proposal, but it will complete quickly by the time the moment comes. By having a photo session, you can even savor a private proposal for years to come. You will end up with precious pictures to cherish for a lifetime, which alone will make the meticulous planning worth the time. Read on for some engagement photo ideas and tips.

Keep It Simple

Some may prefer a flamboyant engagement, but simple life moments can be much more meaningful than that. Many individuals want an intense and simple-yet-beautiful proposal at a stunning place. They want it to be just about them, rather than an exaggerated affair. A flashy gesture might seem fun, but it could detract from the whole love story. What makes a proposal good is that the moment is all about that couple, plus the commitment and love they share.

Make It Private and Personal

Most pairs will wish to party with their family and friends after the engagement, but having a big crowd there could spoil your photoshoot. Keeping the moment intimate is a better idea. In affairs where the couples’ loved ones come in big numbers, there is an issue: they all get excited and interfere with the photography process. They mess up the photograph which one has been planning for days without realizing that they are doing so.

Celebrate With Others Later

When you decide to make loved ones a part of the occasion, consider organizing a gathering soon after the shoot. Unless you must have a family member in your proposal, we recommend hiding everyone else close, and let them come together after your proposal. Occasionally, people propose first and later reveal that their loved ones are at the venue.

Follow this Tradition

Being creative with your proposal plans is wise, but we urge you to keep an aspect of your gesture conventional. Some are not going down on one knee nowadays, but it tends to result in great pictures. When the guy and the girl are standing, others cannot tell which party is proposing unless they are informed of the same. What is the point of photographing the proposal if it is not possible to identify this?

Hide Your Lensman

To maximize that surprise element in the proposal, you must hide the lensman during the photo session. Occasionally, the photographer spends some hours with the couple, with the girl not realizing that the photgrapher and her man are scheming right under her nose. Other times, the lensman is around the spot, but the person appears a tourist holding a cam.

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