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Theme-Oriented Engagement Party Ideas

Theme-Oriented Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement Party Ideas

The key to throwing a perfect party for your engagement is finding a good theme that fits the couple. Here are some of the best engagement party ideas for you to try on your engagement.

Cooking Class Engagement Party

It is always a good idea to impress the foodies among your guests by conducting a cooking class that would be hosted at a local culinary restaurant or school or by hiring a chef for taking the class at your place. While choosing the menu, it is always best to choose a starter, entrée and a good dessert. For getting ideas on what to make, know what the favorite dishes of the couple are and their personalities.

Make it sweets only if both of them like sweets; serve an international cuisine if both of them are from any particular backgrounds. Plan and split the guests into smaller groups which will help them to tackle one among the choices on the menu. The best choice always is to set up a buffet-style of all the food; adding recipe cards along with it for guests to take it with them is an option that would stand out.

Rooftop Engagement Party

Staging your engagement celebration at a rooftop restaurant or a rooftop bar can help to have an intimate and cool setting. This can offer incredible views of the city skyline for the guests where you can decide the vibe of the party – whether it should be casual or formal. It is always best to create a lounge-like atmosphere. While planning a rooftop party, do not ever forget about the weather – setting up pashminas and blankets in baskets can keep your guests warm during the cooler seasons.

Mexican Fiesta Engagement Party

Using bold and bright table settings along with pitchers of sangria and margaritas can be a warm option to mark your engagement. Plan to deck out space in paper lanterns of many colors, pom-poms, balloons, and cutout. Instead of using traditionally styled vases, try placing blooms of fiery color in empty soda bottles as well as Mexican sauce bottles. Setting up a taco bar can be an add-on and you can even include many add-ins such as many varieties of guacamole and salsas, grilled meats, and fresh vegetables.

Chocolate and Champagne Engagement Party

There are no better ways of celebrating an engagement than with glasses of champagne and sweets. Setting up a table that has cookies made with chocolate chips, flourless cakes, truffles, and so many more is a good option that would stand out. Always switch up the theme of flavor or add other variety of desserts such as mini fruit tarts and petits fours if it suits the taste of the couple of honor.

As a bubbly for the toasts, it is good to include some additional dessert-time drink options such as espresso, coffee; even a tea bar can be a good idea for fun. Make scoops and favor bags ready for the guests by the end of the night so that they can take the leftovers home.

Beach Clambake Engagement Party

Hosting fancy seafood spread of scallops, lobster or grilled shrimp are good choices. Try to keep the drinks simple and to fill the galvanized buckets using local brew and beer bottles and ice. Also, have the table settings on the deck of a beach club or on any of the waterfront restaurants. Consider decorating the table settings using colors such as white, blue and yellow. Lay beach pillows and blankets to keep the guests warm during a bonfire when the sun goes down. Using favors are not always needed, but it is always a good option to send everyone home with mini bottles that contain artisanal sea salt and saltwater taffy.

Brunch Engagement Party

Ask about the favorite brunch menu of the couple of honor. It can mostly be a French-inspired menu that has a lot of mini bottles of champagne, quiche, and macarons. You can also go more rustic with options of blueberry pancakes and granola. Hosting a cocktail brunch and offering up smaller bites such as mini French toasts, scrambled egg tartlets, etc is another option that could be considered. Stick with the staples for drinks such as mimosa, coffee or juice. Even when you have the option of celebrating at your home or a restaurant, it is a good option to consider a tented, garden-set affair for it.

Around the World Engagement Party

If the couple who is getting engaged love to travel, it is always better to celebrate their wanderlust ways by setting a party on an around-the-world theme. Sending invitations to the guests with a compass or plane motif by including a passport that has extra details is a kickass idea. You can section the area of the engagement party into different destinations along with using matching decors. Try hanging a big-sized world map and asking the guests to put a pin at the spots they would like to suggest for the couple’s vacation along with adding a room for adding special recommendations.

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