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Wedding Reception Decoration Hacks to Stay on Budget

Wedding Reception Decoration Hacks to Stay on Budget

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Wedding Reception Decoration

Wedding ceremony might be the central attraction of the wedding day, but for most of your guests, the wedding begins at the reception. This is where the dance, the open bar, and the food all starts to attract them and sets the mood for the party. Thus, it is important to sweat a little on planning the reception, especially if you are trying to stick to a tight budget. There are several ways to save money by incorporating simple yet effective hacks on the reception décor. Below is a discussion on how to plan your wedding décor to stay on your budget.

Make Good Use of Your White Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a great decoration tool if you know how to use them effectively. Instead of waiting for the Christmas, you can use them in the reception venue as central lighting. Hang them from the ceiling and they will brighten up the whole area. This way you can save on additional lighting charges.

Tie Ribbons

Seat covers do add charm to the seats in a gathering but you can also use ribbons to bring a similar effect. Get help of your friends and tie the ribbons neatly to the back of every chair. Once it is finished, the collection of chairs will look very attractive and you will save more money on seat covers.

Use Feathers

Feathers are very attractive engagement decorations that could be used in all kinds of celebrations. You can get them for bulk from the nearby market and make a large wreath with help from your beloved ones. You can also choose to make a dreamcatcher, which will add a creative touch to your venue. Besides, these do not cost much and will not make a hole in your pocket.

Use a Water Fountain

A water fountain could be an interesting addition to the wedding reception venue. You could even use the small one that you may have at your home. The best thing about these is that they are musical and the guests get to relax a bit in the middle of all the hassle.

Use Food as an Aesthetic Property

Food can look very attractive if it is arranged the right way. Needless to say, the wedding and engagement cakes are a big attraction. Besides, you can arrange the apothecary jars of candy at the dessert bar and make it the center of attraction. Further, you can make good use of rustic bread and fresh cheeses by arranging them on gorgeous trays.

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