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How To Buy Affordable Engagement Rings Online?

How To Buy Affordable Engagement Rings Online?

Buy Engagement Rings Online
Buy Engagement Rings Online

When you decide to propose to your loved one, you want to make the moment memorable. For that, people usually want to buy the most beautiful engagement ring. However, if you are not earning enough, you may have to notch it down a little. You may have to compromise on the cut and clarity for buying a diamond engagement ring that fits your budget.

Here are some tips that may help you when you decide to buy engagement rings online.

Figure Out The Type Of Stone You Want

The first step in buying an engagement ring from an online store or a physical store is deciding the type of diamond style that you want. As you know there is a wide range of diamond shapes and each of them varies in price because of the way in which they are cut. Some diamond cuts cost more because of the detailing in the cuts. The round cut diamonds are among the most expensive diamonds. If you are looking for an affordable diamond ring, you can go for a cushion cut diamond ring or a heart-shaped diamond ring.

Compromise On Color

A flawless diamond would have a D color, Perfect clarity, and a Brilliant cut, yet such a stone would be prohibitively expensive. It’s difficult to detect if a VS1 or VS2 diamond has any blemishes with the naked eye. In terms of hue, most individuals prefer something between D and J. However, if your diamond has VS2 clarity with a Brilliant cut, the cut’s brilliance and exceptional clarity will mask the diamond’s hue.

Read The GIA Report

You should obtain a GIA report for the diamond you are about to buy. The report will tell you about all of its characteristics. Although there are other diamond-grading organizations, the GIA is widely regarded as the gold standard. Verify who evaluated your diamond because it could have come from a dubious group or the jeweler.

Compromise On Carat Wight

The price difference between a 2 and 1.7-carat diamond is usually noticeable. Diamonds are sometimes priced in carat “brackets,” owing to the fact that most individuals want a stone with a specified carat weight, therefore a stone with a lower carat weight is much less desirable to them. A diamond that is a fraction of a carat smaller, on the other hand, will appear to be the same size.

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