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Metaphysical Benefits of Wearing your Ring on the Third Finger

Metaphysical Benefits of Wearing your Ring on the Third Finger

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People generally wear their engagement ring on the fourth finger of the hand, and usually pick the left hand for this because engagement tradition places it as the one “closest” to a person’s heart. That said, traditions are hardly laws, so you should not be surprised if you saw someone wearing their ring on the middle finger.

After getting married, people normally have two rings: one from the engagement, and the other from the wedding. Neither can exactly be skipped, but wearing both requires choosing the right finger or fingers for it. Choosing to wear an engagement ring on your middle finger lets you keep it close to the wedding ring, although that is merely a psychological benefit. Following are some supposed metaphysical advantages of choosing the third finger for our proposal ring.

It Fosters Responsible Behavior

A ring on your middle finger holds you in check, so to speak. You will be driven to stay faithful and sincere, and stay focused on the obligations you have towards your family. It helps you stay sensible through times when you would otherwise have succumbed to silliness.

It Brings Seriousness to your Actions

There will always be people who try to get you to change your mind about things. Wearing your ring on your middle finger keeps you serious about your opinions and convictions, allowing you to conserve the strength you need to overcome problems that come along.

It Allows for a Comfortable Married Life

No marriage is successful without the spouses being able to understand each other, and that rarely comes about without a minimal level of marital comfort. An engagement ring on your middle finger lets you find that comfort for both you and your partner.

It Stirs Positive Thoughts

Being negative-minded does not get you far, and neither can it make you meaningfully happy. An unhappy person is bound to bring the same kind of problems unto others, but with a ring on their middle finger, they have the chance to find and use positivity, and even make a habit of it. This motivates them to move forward through life with a smile on their face.

It Brings Balance

They say a person’s personality is best represented by his middle finger, because it is a symbol of the balance they have achieved in that regard, as well as in life. Wearing the ring on the middle finger allows you to tell right from wrong, and to follow and attain the good things in life.

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