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The Best Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas to Make Her Say Yes

The Best Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas to Make Her Say Yes

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Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas

Once you decide to take the next important step in your relationship, which is to get engaged, you will be looking for some unique proposal ideas. After all, you want to impress the love of your life and make her say yes. For this, one thing you will definitely need to do is choose an impressive diamond engagement ring that suits her. Bear in mind that this ring defines your relationship as well as her style and personality. If you are wondering about the best engagement ring styles to go with, below are some of the ideal options that you should probably consider.

Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

The rose color is always regarded as a favorite among women and hence, there is less chance of making a mistake when you choose a diamond ring made of a metal with this hue. Rose gold bands offer a striking twist to most traditional engagement ring styles. You could pair this with a round brilliant cut diamond, or an oval diamond if you want something less common, and add to its modern minimalism. Furthermore, rose gold diamond rings are less expensive when compared to platinum and yellow gold diamond rings. Hence, this will be a great option if you are looking for affordable diamond rings.

Vintage Diamond Rings

Vintage diamond rings can be a great choice to impress your better half, since the timeless elegance offered by such sparklers is often hard to resist. However, it would cost you a fortune buying a really old diamond ring, unless it were an heirloom jewelry piece. You could tackle this issue by considering a few vintage diamond engagement ring styles.
That way, you could design a vintage style sparkler for your lady love without paying an astronomical amount. If you are looking for a classic yet subtle diamond engagement ring style, solitaire round diamond rings should prove perfect. Similarly, go for a marquise pave diamond ring in order to achieve a touch of royal French charm.

Modern Metal Engagement Rings

Going with modern metals is not only a way to nail picking out affordable diamond rings, but also an almost guaranteed one to make your woman fall head over heels. One perfect option that you should look at, is Palladium metal, which is all of hypoallergenic, durable, and hard. Other than that, metals such as rhodium, titanium, stainless steel, silicon, etc, are ideal choices for a trendy diamond engagement ring. Furthermore, adding intricate details on your metal band would boost the overall style and bling factor of your ring to the next level.

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