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All You Need To Know About Proposing To a Guy

All You Need To Know About Proposing To a Guy

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Love is a wonderful and amazing feeling that can happen to anyone irrespective of their age, gender, interests, and whatnot. However, older generations have carved the tradition of men proposing to the girl for marriage in stone. However, things started to change with the introduction of the feminist revolution that began during the 70s and now women as well loves to take the charge and propose to their prospective male partners. This supposition is most likely to be entirely outdated in the 2020s.

Note that even though there are many modern women who have already changed this monolith, there are many other who are still embarrassed or ashamed of expressing their true feelings. In other words, while women proposing to their male counterparts are not a new concept, it is rare. According to some studies conducted in the field, only 5% of women asked the hands of their men in marriage. However, this very attitude is changing eventually, as mentioned earlier, and more and more women are starting to experience that unique mouth-drying and heart-fluttering experience called proposal or popping the question.

A survey conducted by the authorities reported that 70% of men prefer or love to see their sweethearts taking charge and proposing to them, unlike most people think. This statistic is, without any doubt, an incredible majority, especially when it comes to such an ingrained belief or tradition. Another study revealed that the whole proposal thing has become less gender-oriented these days and both the partners are getting equally involved.

Nowadays, couples love to discuss their engagement ring considerations with each other and shop for their eternal bling together rather than doing the task alone. Some couples tend to spilt the expenses equally as well. Are you a woman who is dying to propose to the man of your dreams? Then, go for it without any hesitation. No doubt, women can totally nail the task just like men. However, there are certain factors that you must consider in this case. Some of those significant points are listed below.

You will just know when the right time comes

Some people might keep from speaking their mind because of the fear of rejection. However, it is to be noted that you can just foresee the answer or response of your significant other when your relationship reaches a phase. Needless to mention, this is the right time for you to pop the question. That being said, it is never a good idea to propose to your bae without being sure about his feeling, especially if you are a sensitive person.

Usually, most couples may start discussing their marriage and other future plans way before their engagement and hence, this will not be a brainstorming affair for them. However, the issue of when you are likely to get married to this person may arise in this case rather than will you ever get married to him. Even though there is nothing wrong with proposing at this stage of your relationship, it is better to take the next step when you are sure about your partner’s feelings in order to avoid being in a nervous position where you are sweating bullets.

Furthermore, think whether your partner is open to the idea of the whole women-proposing thing. After all, ‘men proposing to women’ is an ancient tradition and their male ego can get hurt at times if you try to break the stereotype. If he boasts an orthodox mentality, your proposal may really surprise him but in the wrong way. What if you are stepping on his toes or ruining his dream of asking your hand in marriage? So, consider all such factors before rushing into a conclusion.

Never propose out of insecurity

The number of men and women falling into this age-old trap is significantly high. It is worth noting that many people just propose to their prospective partners out of insecurity or fear that the latter is losing interest in them or is having or on the verge of having an affair with someone else. You will be amazed to know that some of the factors that prompt a wedding proposal include the job relocation, a military deployment, attending out-of-state colleges, etc.

Are you also about to fall for such traps? If yes, keep in mind that if the foundation of your marriage or any relationship is circumstances rather than emotions or love, it will just miserably fail. Indeed, this will be even worse than getting married to the wrong guy.

Keep it simple

When it comes to proposals, there is no wrong or right. Rather, it’s all about speaking your heart out. So, getting stressed to stage a picture-perfect Instagram-worthy proposal scene is a big no-no. Plus, saving the big splash for your dream engagement day will always be a good idea. Furthermore, it is recommended to go simple when choosing the engagement ring styles for your man so as to work with their lifestyle and masculine personality. If your budget is a reason for concern, you may go for affordable diamond rings as well since you can always upgrade it whenever you become financially stable. For more tips, visit Rockher website.

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