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An appraisal is a way of assessing the value of a diamond. It is responsible for determining the value of the diamond ring including the diamond, the setting, and other stones if any present. These are provided by professional appraisers and jewelers. Within the jewelry industry, it is common that appraisals bring out the inflated value of diamonds. This is usually 100% of the retail price. Below is a discussion on the appraisal of different engagement ring styles.


If truth be told, appraisals do not reveal the real value of a diamond. They are usually placed at around double the value of the rings. These prices may sound great when you first receive them. You have every reason to think that you have ended up with a great deal. However, the truth is, it is a good thing for both jeweler and the insurance company. This allows Insurance companies to charge higher premiums and lets the jeweler make a profitable deal.

Since the appraisal is not the true reflection of a diamond, you have to be realistic about your expectations. This is true in cases when you trade your stone or when you sell them. You will be taken by surprise about how much you would receive when compared to the appraisal amount. The figure is a great sign of how much you can expect if you make a resale deal. It is more useful for insurance purposes.

The Difference between an Appraisal and a Certificate

An appraisal is entirely different from the diamond grading certificate that is found with the ring. The diamond grading contains details like carat, cut, color, and clarity. The grading certificate does not mention the value of a diamond like an appraisal does.

Contrary to the professionals involved in lab grading, the appraisers do not use the equipment used by the laboratories. Besides, they may have organizations and societies, but they are not as orderly as the grading teams. The grading laboratories employ professionals for a company under specific guidelines and parameters. Meanwhile, appraisers are allowed to function separately or as affiliates under small or large jewelry.

Getting an Appraisal

Almost all jewelers provide appraisals. Independent appraisers also function beside the diamond companies which offer a complimentary appraisal.

Keep these factors in mind the next time you hear about diamond appraisals. Remember that the appraised value is always above the real value of the diamonds and rings.

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