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Choosing the Right Side Stones for your Engagement Rings

Choosing the Right Side Stones for your Engagement Rings

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Diamond engagement rings will always be special since it marks an important milestone in your relationship. Unsurprisingly, almost every couple may consider something extremely beautiful and extraordinary when it comes to their engagement ring styles. That being said, most people often shower credit on the center diamond for the beauty or appeal of a ring. Actually, many other factors also contribute to the captivating appeal of your sparkler and one of those most important factors is the side stones in your ring.

A diamond ring is usually embellished with multiple side stones in order to accentuate the beauty of the main gemstone as well as to make the diamond ring look bigger and more brilliant. Hence, diamond accents are mostly used in cheap diamond rings to get maximum bang for the bucks. Note that multi-stone diamond rings are way more affordable than solitaire diamond rings of similar carat weights. However, there are certain guidelines that you must follow while choosing side stones to complement your engagement ring styles.

The number of side stones

This is the first thing that you must consider while crafting your diamond ring design. If you give more priority to the bling of your ring, add as many accent stones as you can, keeping your budget and lifestyle in mind. Ideally, the common option that most people consider is a three stone diamond ring setting. Here, the center diamond will be flanked with an accent stone on each side. Anyhow, the total number of side stones in different rings may vary with the personal preference of the wearer.  Remember that your ring tends to get more complex as you increase the number of accents and you will have to decide on appropriate settings for accommodating the stones. Besides, you will have to be more careful while cleaning such rings and will have more parts and fine areas that require maintenance and repairs in the future.

The size of the stones

The main criteria that decide the size of an accent stone is the budget of the wearer. Note that bigger the diamond; higher will be its price. Another factor that you must ignore is the overall appeal or the aesthetic balance of the stones. Even if you can afford bigger stones, it makes no sense if those rocks make your diamond ring look awkward on your finger. Moreover, consider your lifestyle. If you lead a hands-on lifestyle, it is better to play it low-key when it comes to the size of your accent stones. Otherwise, make sure to secure each diamond with sound settings. This may, however, make your sparkler look sophisticated and gaudy.

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