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How to Find Her Ring Shape Without Her Knowing

How to Find Her Ring Shape Without Her Knowing

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When you start planning to propose, the first thing you have to be concerned about is purchasing a perfect engagement ring that will definitely impress your fiancée. However, if you want to make it a surprise for her, then you have to purchase the ring secretly without her knowing. This can be a daunting task, as you will have to consider enormous things for finding the right ring, including different engagement ring styles, the shape of the diamonds, the setting of the ring, etc. But another important thing that is of prime importance is to find out her ring size.

Finding the right ring size of your bride-to-be can be a difficult task, especially if you want to be discreet about it. Hence, we provide you some useful tips for finding her ring size while being secretive about it. This will help you to make your surprise proposal a success.

Be subtle

The best way to know her finger size is by directly asking her, but in an indirect way. Tell her that you are planning to purchase a ring for your mother, sister or anyone close to you, and since their finger size is similar to hers it will suffice you to find the measurement. Then she will tell you her ring size.

If you want to be more precise you can buy some cheap engagement rings or fake rings pretending that you bought it for someone else and ask her it try it on for helping you to select the better one. This will give you a good idea about her finger size.

Ask her friends

You can seek the help of one of her best friends to find the ring size of your beloved. Even if the friend doesn’t know it right away she can find it for you easily.

Borrow one of her rings

Try to find one of her old rings. You can take this to the jeweler and it will make the selection procedure easy for you. But when you take a ring without her knowledge, make sure that it is not overly important to her so that she won’t experience emotional distress even if she finds out that it is missing.

Leave a trace

Are you afraid that you will lose her ring if you take it without her knowledge? Then try this method instead. Take her ring and place it on a paper, then draw circles on the outside and inside of the ring. Repeat this several times to make sure that you get it correctly. You can take this to the jeweler and they will measure this sketch to find out her ring size.

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