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How To Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger?

How To Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger?

Engagement Ring Styles
Engagement Ring Styles

It is every girl’s dream to have a big diamond for her engagement ring. But unfortunately, buying a big diamond may not be possible for everyone, as it can cost a fortune. Hence, they might have to settle for a small diamond in some circumstances.

However, it is now possible for you to give a bigger appearance to your small stone with the help of some simple tricks. If you want to make your affordable diamond rings look expensive, these tricks can be helpful for you. We list some of the best things you can do to give a bigger appearance to your small diamond ring.

Consider Diamonds With Fancy Shapes

It includes all the diamond shapes other than round diamonds. Round brilliants are the most commonly used diamond shapes, and they are the most expensive choices too. Various fancy shapes like oval, princess, cushion cut, etc. are more affordable than round diamonds. Hence, you can get a big diamond at the same rate if you choose to buy a fancy shape instead of round brilliants.

Also, fancy diamonds can have a bigger appearance than a round diamond of the same carat weight. Hence, if you are looking for affordable diamond rings, then fancy cut diamonds can be a great option for you.

Choose A Slim Band

Having a chunkier band can make your diamond look smaller. So if you want to make your diamonds look larger, it is better to choose a slim band that showcases your diamond perfectly. This can help to save the amount you have to spend on the metal of your band along with giving a bigger appearance for your center stone.

Go For Slim Prongs

If the prongs are bulky, it will cover the stone more thereby limiting the light entering it. This can reduce the shine and brilliance of the diamond and give it a smaller look.

But choosing smaller prongs will increase the visibility of the stone along with maximizing its brilliance and giving it a bigger appearance.

Choose A Halo Setting

This is one of the most stunning engagement ring styles that can enhance the look and size of your ring. As it covers the center diamond with a large number of small stones, your diamond will look bigger. It can also add wonderful sparkle and shine to your ring.

If you want your small diamond to look bigger, then considering the above options can be helpful. They can help to offer a bigger appearance to your diamond without spending a huge amount. These are great options for people who are looking for affordable diamond rings.

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