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How to Save on a New Engagement Ring

How to Save on a New Engagement Ring

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Here are some tips and tricks to save money on a gemstone engagement ring. Just do not purchase something on a whim. Having an idea about when to buy, from where to, and how to go about the purchase will help you get a ring at an affordable price.

Avoid Shopping in Peak Times if Possible

The one piece of advice experts give customers is this: do not buy an engagement ring between Thanksgiving Day and Valentine’s Day. Marriage proposals occur at the highest rate in this period, meaning ring prices are relatively high too. If your marriage is scheduled for a day that falls in the holiday season, you cannot help but fork out an extra amount on a ring. If you can make the purchase on other days, then it will be best for you that way.

Educate Yourself Fully before Shopping for Diamonds

Your knowledge of the stones could also factor in how much money you will spend on the piece. So, before you shop around for it, research the four characteristics of the stone, namely clarity, carat weight, color, and cut, so you will have the essential knowledge to get the best deal.

Pro Tip: You can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing a diamond that is just shy of a round carat mark. For instance, go for a 0.9 carat solitaire ring rather than a 1.0 carat piece. The best part is that only a diamond expert will have the knowledge to spot the size difference between the two.

Choose an Alternative Gemstone or Shape

Have you considered a diamond with an oval or a cushion shape? How about an emerald, a moissanite, or a sapphire gem? These options are pleasant to look at and more affordable compared to your standard princess cut or round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring.

If you cannot pay for a diamond, look for an alternative gemstone that resembles it. You will be able to buy a larger diamond-like gem on a smaller budget. In addition, ensure that your lady love is fine with it.

Make an Online Purchase

You can buy engagement rings online at a more affordable price than what you would get from a physical store. That is usually because online retailers do not have to bear that much overhead cost, so it will reflect on the prices too. This is true for most e-commerce products, including jewelry.

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