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Most Elegant Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Most Elegant Non Diamond Engagement Rings

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It is a classic style to use diamond rings on the engagement day. In the beginning, it was only round brilliant diamonds that were used by the brides-to-be. However, over time, many varieties of diamond cuts and engagement ring styles came into existence, and they gained popularity.

In recent years, there has been a flourish in the use of non-diamond engagement rings. Women, even when they love the diamond engagement rings, tend to go for other beautiful colored gemstones.

In certain cases, the price of the desired diamond can be very much higher than the budget a person has. In such cases, it will be difficult to stick on to the decision to get a diamond engagement ring. Also, there are so many women who want to have a change from the traditional method of using a diamond ring on the big day.

Here are some suggestions of the most elegant non-diamond engagement rings for you.


Sapphire engagement rings became famous after Princess Diana appeared with her blue sapphire ring. Later, Kate Middleton also used the ring and it gained popularity. It is well known that diamonds are the toughest stones in the world. Sapphires are also tough stones, and they look stunning. The Sapphire stones are symbolic of virtue and wisdom. When set in an engagement ring, the sapphire stones are said to symbolize sincerity and faithfulness.


Engagement rings embedded with aquamarine stones will be a good choice for the brides with a free spirit. It is widely believed that earlier sailors used this stone as a good-luck piece. Presently, these stones are used to represent the best effects of the sea, like the calming and cleansing effects.

Rose Quartz

It is believed to be the symbol of unconditional love. Engagement rings with oval cut rose quartz in a halo setting looks amazingly beautiful. The pink tones are highlighted by the rose gold used in this ring.


They are the stones, which are almost similar to diamonds. They occur naturally under the earth’s surface and are tough like diamonds. The difference between moissanite and a diamond is in their refractive index. The moissanite will hence be more sparkling than the diamonds are. Presently, scientists have developed ways to create moissanite artificially in the laboratory.

There are many other famous gemstones like morganite, opal, and ruby, which you may choose to be on your engagement ring. If you are planning to have unique affordable engagement rings, it will be in your best interest to select a colored gemstone ring.

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