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Pros And Cons Of A Long Engagement

Proposing your partner is one of the biggest moments in every person’s life. You want to make that moment impressive and unforgettable. In order to make the day of your engagement memorable, you might look for so many engagement ideas and engagement ring styles that could impress your loved one. And finally when you get engaged, that will be a wonderful moment. Once you get engaged, then the next step is marriage.

Some of the couples usually wait 5 to 12 months before they get married. Some even wait a couple of years to get married. Most of the couples postpone their marriage because of various reasons, such as long-distance relationship, studies or still pursuing a mature career. Waiting too long to get married has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Continue reading the article to learn about the pros and cons of a long engagement.

Pros Of Having A Long Engagement

Time To Plan Your Future Life

The best part of having a long engagement is that it gives you enough time to plan your future with your partner. You will be able to focus on your career and decide on what you want from the marriage. You can discuss with your partner about the living plans and decide on when to have children. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, so both you and your partner need enough time to prepare for it. The long engagement gives you enough time to prepare for the marriage and it gives you an opportunity to enjoy some “me” time before the “we” factor comes in.

Avoid The Stress Of Wedding Planning

You might have seen your friends or family member stressed out during their wedding planning. This is because planning a wedding is very difficult than planning an engagement. All of us need our wedding to be a beautiful and memorable event that we could cherish throughout our life. So we want to make every bit of the wedding perfect. If you are having a long engagement, you are getting enough time to plan your dream wedding without having the fear of being stressed out. It also helps you to avoid the fear of getting behind the schedule.

More Time To Save Money

We all know that weddings can be really expensive. On an average couples in the United States spend about $35,000 to $50,000 for their wedding. If you are living on a monthly salary, raising this amount in a short period of time is very difficult. The long engagement gives enough time to save money for the financial needs of your wedding like booking the venue, buying wedding dresses, arranging vendors, etc. You can set a target budget and start saving a reasonable amount from yours and your partner’s salary. By doing that you will be able to reach the target budget in time and have a memorable wedding.

Advantages Disadvantages
Enough time to plan the future Change in family circumstances
No stress of wedding planning Second-guessing every decision
Enough time to save money Change in wedding trends

Cons Of Having A Long Engagement

Family Circumstances May Change

Delaying the wedding might not be welcomed by some of your family members. Sometimes your mother may pressurize you to set a date for the wedding by saying, “your grandparents are getting old”. They are implying that you should get married before something happens to them. Sometimes your close relatives may not be able to attend the wedding if they are not in the country at the time of your marriage. If you have elderly relatives, you must seriously consider not delaying the marriage.

You Might Second-Guess Yourself

When you are having a long engagement, it will make you second-guess your every decision. Did I choose the right venue? Is my dress really beautiful? Did I choose the right vendors? Should I choose a better wedding band? Did I choose the right wedding photographer? These are some of the questions that circle around your head when you have a long time to plan your wedding. When you plan everything, you might find it harder to remember why you choose that particular venue or that particular vendor. If you have a shorter engagement, you don’t have enough time to worry about all those things and you don’t second-guess your every decision.

Wedding Trends May Change

Wedding trends are changing regularly. If are a person who follow trends, then long engagement might not be the best option for you.  When you get engaged, you might look for the latest wedding trends and select one trend that might suit you. But when you take a long time to get married, that trend might get outdated. Then you will be forced to look for another wedding style in a short timeframe. Another problem of a long engagement is that you might experience “wedding burnout”. If the wedding planning goes on for a long period of time, you might get tired of planning every details of the function.

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