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The Most Expensive Cuts for Diamond Rings

The Most Expensive Cuts for Diamond Rings

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The diamond prices are hugely influenced by 4Cs. A clear and well-cut stone will definitely cost more than a less clear diamond of a similar carat weight. However, due to the fluctuations brought by a change in demand and supply, the prices vary greatly. This means certain engagement ring styles and diamond cuts cost more than the others. Below is a discussion of some of the costliest cuts of diamonds.

The Most Expensive Cut of a Diamond

The round brilliant cut is the priciest diamond cut available. The brilliance of a diamond is what makes it special and round brilliant cut diamonds deliver on all fronts. Their brilliance is undisputed among diamonds. This is also a reason for their high price. Out of all diamonds sold worldwide, 75% are round brilliant diamonds. There are a large number of options within the round brilliant cut.

The cut has 58 facets which are created with high precision. Besides, these act like prisms in front of the light and reflect it spectacularly. The brilliance of these diamonds will visible from all around a room. The production of these diamonds results in a greater wastage of rough diamonds. This is yet another major reason for their high price.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

The princess cut diamonds are the second most popular diamond shapes. They bring a modern outlook yet they also fit the traditional settings. Their specialty is the precisely cut square shapes with perfect symmetry. Precision affects the value of the diamonds.

Note that these stones are well capable of masking imperfections such as a lower color grade. They are also highly brilliant. The light travels through them and leaves the onlooker dazzled. Make sure that you do not buy diamonds with inclusions along the corner. This is because they already have sharp corners. Additionally, if there are inclusions, the chances of chipping can also increase.

Oval-Cut Diamonds

These are similar to the round cut diamonds but have an elongated shape. Due to this elongation, the smooth refraction is not possible like the round brilliant diamonds. The advantage that this profile holds is that they appear larger than the round brilliant diamonds of a similar size.

These are preferred by buyers looking for affordable diamond rings. They are not as popular as the remaining cuts and hence their lower price. However, they offer an impressive level of brilliance in relation to their price. They are also uncommon and make them the right choice for people looking for something different from the mainstream.

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