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What People Don’t Tell You About Being Engaged

What People Don’t Tell You About Being Engaged

Black Diamond Bow Ring
Black Diamond Bow Ring

There are a ton of conceptions and misconceptions around getting engaged and the time that follows it. Most people lean into it with the idea that life has taken a turn for the better, and a lot of the time, this does turn out to be true. That said, if you’re not engaged yet, there are quite a few things you wouldn’t know about how things will turn out for you and your partner. Following is a list of some of the truths you probably didn’t know.

Getting Proposed To May Not Go The Way You Intended

Every woman has a fantasy proposal involving some romantic place, the right dress, well-done hair, excellent nails and makeup, a black diamond bow ring, etc. But in reality, few get to experience it that way when the time comes. However, it’s your proposal story that matters the most, because that’s what sets you and your partner apart.

You’ll Catch Yourself Staring At Your Hand A Lot

There’s now a precious ornament on your finger, so it’s hard not to stare. Plus, there’s the significance it holds in your life. Even a woman who thinks of herself as not a “jewelry person” would be pressed not to inspect all the tiny details on the black diamond black ring every chance she got. Our advice is to get a manicure (because others will be doing some staring of their own).

You’ll Be Telling and Retelling Your Proposal Story A Lot

People are bound to be interested in how it all went down, so you’ll need to get used to narrating your proposal story quite a bit. Besides, this is half the fun of being engaged. But if you ever tire of telling people, you can write it all down in your personal blog or your wedding website.

You’ll Be Asked About The Wedding Location And Date Before You’ve Decided

Everyone will be excited for you, and the first question that would pop into their heads would be where and when you’ve decided to get married. They’ll ask you even before you get around to deciding. One blanket statement that helps in such situations goes something like this: “We’re excited about the engagement, and there’s going to be plenty of time to work out the details.”

You’ll Get Plenty Of Wedding Planning Advice From Married Friends

Everyone has married friends who miss the excitement that came with planning a wedding themselves. Yours may think they’re doing you a favor by offering unsolicited advice, but the best way forward is to just take the proffered help in stride.

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