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12 Amazing Proposal Ideas

12 Amazing Proposal Ideas

Proposal Ideas
Amazing Proposal Ideas

Proposing is a difficult task even if you are sure that your partner may say yes. Instead of making your proposal a simple thing, you can try some unique proposal ideas so that your partner gets inspired by it. Given below are 12 amazing proposal ideas that you can give a try.

Write it Down

While proposing, you might want to tell your life partner the reasons why you wish to marry them. However, chances are that you will end up missing most of the important points you wanted to say. Hence, for a hassle-free proposal, try writing down all the points beforehand on cute little notepads and give it to your bride-to-be when you propose her.

A Fortune Cookie

A proposal does not necessarily have to be too grand. Sometimes simple things will do the job. For a low-key proposing, a fortune cookie will be all you need. Take her out for a date, treat your partner with a delicious meal, and hand her a fortune cookie in place of dessert that comes with the surprise tag “Will you Marry Me?”

A Scavenger Hunt

How about arranging a scavenger hunt for prolonged excitement? Leave some clues around a desired site and let your partner come and find her way to the engagement ring. You can either do it on a small scale like sticking notes around the home, or make it grand by having some friends giving clues to her to look for the treasure at a special place in the city.

An Album

It is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. What can be a better proposal idea than this? Create a photo album creatively by including good moments of you together, and have the engagement ring hidden at the end of the album. Hand this to your partner and see her fall for your proposal.

Let the Sky Speak

Some people like cloud watching a lot, and if you and your life partner love it too, then one of the best unique proposal ideas, in this case, is to let the sky tell what you want to. For this, you can arrange a skywriter for writing out your marriage proposal in the sky.

A Rose Petal Trail

Rose is a symbol of love, and most people love roses. So why not make a rose petal trail for your partner? Set this trail from the front door to some room in the house where you can arrange full of lit candles and be waiting there to propose your partner with an engagement ring.

Make a Brew

There is a high chance that your partner may be either a coffee lover or a tea lover. Taking this to your advantage, you can propose her by writing your proposal message in the mug. Make sure that they drink the whole drink so that the message at the bottom is revealed.

A Balloon Surprise

If you are a daily office-goer, a good idea is to send your partner a balloon surprise. When they open the parcel, let the balloon float upwards and disclose your surprise message. You can even hang an engagement ring at its end.

Print your Proposal

You can print your proposal in a customized font and style too. Try including background picture of you with your partner and print your proposal message above it. Instead of making it like a formal message, write some self-made quotes to make it more special.

Tour your Favorite Spot

You may definitely have some favorite places that may have a special meaning for both of you. Whether it was your first date or the place you first met, it will definitely be an ideal place to propose. You can simply take her to the place and get down on the knees when the time is perfect.

Plan a Picnic

A picnic is an ideal way to propose to your partner during the summer. Head over to your favorite park with your life partner and propose her with a diamond engagement ring that shines and sparkles all beautifully under the sunshine. Celebrate the yes with a bottle of champagne.

A Creative Book

If your partner is a bookworm, then one of the best proposal ideas you can try is to propose her with the help of a book. Either gift her a good novel and place a card inside mentioning your proposal message or make the proposal words by creatively arranging their books or pages of the books.

If you are too busy to implement these proposal ideas, then you can always try to hire a proposal planner. Proposal planners usually come up with numerous unique proposal ideas so that you do not have to take the stress. You just have to tell them briefly about your ideas so that your event is a memorable one to cherish for a lifetime.

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