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5 Things to Remember While Throwing a Garden Party

5 Things to Remember While Throwing a Garden Party

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A garden party is a great way to celebrate anything because it brings the freedom and the good vibes of the outdoor space. However, when hosting a wedding party in the garden, you should consider certain factors to have a memorable event that will be cherished by every guest.

The Overall Appearance Counts a Lot

Two of the best attributes of a good party are excellent food and an equally appealing backdrop. These two factors create a great ambiance of any event. For instance, a good selection of flowers could add a bit more life to the occasion. However, they have to endure all the heat and wind, so some of the possible options would be dahlias, spray roses, and so on.

Paper d├ęcors are a great option too, but ensure that they are firm enough to withstand all the pressure.

Good Food Always Gets the Thumbs Up

The second part is food. So pay great attention to the food you serve and plan well in advance. Try to include seasonal items so that everybody is happy. Ideally, the party should start with a drink made of a seasonal fruit or a lemonade sprinkled with mint or lavender. Another popular pick would be summer craft beers.

Include plenty of seasonal as well as locally grown ingredients in the food. Guests would be happy with the simple yet well-prepared food and it does not have to be expensive at all.

Consider Open Seating

Any outdoor wedding party always has a great ambiance to it. So opt for a open seating if the situation allows you. The food can be served constantly and people can always see each other. You can also set up cocktail areas as well as a lounge where people can relax.

When people move around a lot, it keeps the energy of the party going, and that is a great feature of a garden party. Ensure that there is sufficient seating available for your guests and the party is guaranteed to be fun.

Have Some Games to Make it a Lively Affair

There is no arguing that life comes to the party when the games begin. You need to plan the games well though and make sure that guests of all age groups are entertained. Events for kids are sometimes dominated by boys, so be prepared for some late night drama as well.

Some of the classics like corn hole and croquet are still favorites among all. Adding a ball game or starting a hopscotch game for kids as well as adults are some of the cool ideas that you could try.

Keep an Overall Check of Everything

While you play music, ensure in advance that there are no local restrictions on the sound levels expected. Moreover, check with the authorities regarding the event timings, especially if there is a possibility of the event lasting till late in the night.

Make sure you do not get so carried away as to damage or misplace anything precious, like a diamond ring maybe. If you happen to be wearing one, simply remind yourself every few minutes how hard it was to find the right store selling that perfect ring you always wanted.

As a basic rule, keep plenty of garbage bags at hand, so that you do not compromise on the cleanliness. This way, you can clean up the place quickly after the wedding party, and leave no trace behind.

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