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7 Party Ideas for Winter Engagement

7 Party Ideas for Winter Engagement

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Winter Engagement Ideas

Winter is one of the best seasons to have parties, so if your engagement party falls during the winter, then it will simply be awesome. Follow the tips shared below to make your winter engagement even more amazing, and get a perfect winter vibe for your party.

Winter Charm Invitations

Create the feel of winter right from the beginning by adding a winter charm to your party invitations. Simple things like rosemary and fig details will do the job of creating a cool winter effect. Moreover, you can opt for an invitation having snowflakes with sky blue background.

Holiday Inspired Tables

Inspirations for getting holiday settings are never-ending. From candles and tinsel to winter flora, everything will set the charm for your winter engagement party. Add warm berry and bright white tones for the setting and include some beautiful candles and wintergreens for an elegant touch.

Cheese Platter

There might be many cheese lovers attending your engagement party. Therefore, a cheese platter is an all-season pick for you. To make your cheese platter a little wintery, you can add some winter details like rosemary and cranberry jam sprinkled on top of variety of cheese.

Wreath for Décor

Wreaths are more like a winter staple so adding them as a part of decor in your winter engagement day does not need a second thought. You can simply hang them in many places in your home, especially at the party venue to add more winter vibe.

A Winter Cocktail

Cocktails are not to be missed whatever the season is. So consider a traditional winter cocktail like a cinnamon cocktail or eggnog cocktail. If you do not like the idea, consider a rich and warm tasting spiced orange and rosemary bourbon cocktail instead.

Hot Cocoa Bar

Who doesn’t like hot chocolate? It is sure that everyone from kids to adults will surely love it. In fact, hot chocolate will be quite an unavoidable thing during the winter parties. So, set up a hot chocolate bar at the party venue with warm cocoa, mugs, and necessary fixings.

Winter Comfort Food

Serve your guests warm and delicious food that are apt for winter, such as braised short ribs, chicken burrito bowls, red lentil soup, scalloped potatoes, mozzarella stuffed pork chops, sweet potatoes, beef stroganoff, chicken pot pie, etc.

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