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7 Tips to Nail your Engagement Photo Shoot

7 Tips to Nail your Engagement Photo Shoot

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Engagement Photo Shoot

Engagement day will be as prominent a day just like the wedding day. Apart from all the celebration and fun happening around, a photo shoot is something couples at their engagement party will be eagerly waiting for. Most of them prefer going all trendy with creative ideas and themes that often lead to perfect photos. If you were planning to make your photo shoot nothing less than awesome too, follow the simple but highly effective tips given below to nail your engagement photo shoot.

Wear a Comfortable Outfit

Selecting a comfortable dress for the engagement day is highly important. Some outfits might look simply gorgeous, but wearing them can be quite irritating and uncomfortable. If you wore such attire to your engagement party, there is no doubt that your face may reflect how uncomfortable you feel, and in turn, ruin your beauty in all the photos. Therefore, make sure to wear an outfit that makes you feel totally comfortable. Instead of wearing the attire for the first time during the engagement, you can try it on beforehand and make any alterations if needed.

Iron your Outfits in Advance

You are going to be more than busy on your engagement day right from the morning and until the party is over. So, do not forget to iron your clothes in advance, as you may not have the time to do that on the engagement day. Professional photographers say that some couples ask them to do photo retouching if there are any wrinkles on the outfits. It is possible, of course, but keep in mind that such photo retouching works can be very expensive. This would just be a waste of money when you can simply avoid that by being well prepared for the big day.

Opt for Professional Makeup and Hairdo

If you are a professional stylist yourself, then no worries; otherwise, it would be wise to opt for professional makeup and hairstylist so that you look flawlessly pretty in the photos. This is because photos always require a little more saturated makeup than what you do for your everyday makeup. In addition to the on-day make-up, make sure to use moisturizer, exfoliating creams, cleanser, and toner regularly for at least a week leading to your engagement day. Make sure to test the products on a patch level before using them for the first time.

Practice and Be Comfortable

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Engagement Photography Ideas

Practice makes you perfect, and it goes true for photo shoots too. You can try practicing poses in front of a mirror beforehand, so that you can make the final results look authentic and natural. No matter how close you are with your partner, it might not much show up in photographs. Therefore, practice posing and become comfortable in front of the camera a couple of days prior to your engagement day. You can practice staring at each other’s eyes until you can do this without bursting into laughter. This can give you a perfect picture later on.

Have a Good Mood

If you went for work the day before your engagement day, became stressed out, and had a bad mood, then there is a high chance that your bad mood will show up in your photos. Engagement photos are taken only once in a lifetime, hence you need to do everything possible to avoid ruining it. Engagement day is a day when you have to look beautiful, charming, and happy. So do some meditation and make your mood peaceful; this way, you can get a charming face too. In addition, make sure not to get stressed out of running all the errands by yourselves on your big day.

Set the Scene

Location definitely plays a very important role in a photo shoot. While deciding locations, think about what kind of background you both would like. If you would like relishing over making coffee together, an at-home photo session would do. In case you are an adventurous couple, set the scene in a forest or mountain setting. You can further nail the photo shoot by incorporating your favorite activities like hiking or riding. If you would like to add more uniqueness, you can set the scene at the place where you first met.

Hire a Professional Photographer

This is not a tip, but more like a mandatory thing. There is no denying the fact that your friends and family members can click good photos any day. However, things might not be as perfect as how a professional photographer does. They not only have the right equipment for high-quality photos, expert photographers also very well know how to adjust the settings and filters to get a stunning picture. In addition, you can discuss with them how you want your pictures to look like and get photographs clicked accordingly.

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