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8 Things to Expect at your Engagement Party

8 Things to Expect at your Engagement Party

Engagement Party
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Some couples may not be much aware of the etiquettes or pre-wedding events that will take place on their engagement day. If you are one such person, given below is a helpful guide that tells you about 8 things that you can expect to happen on and around your engagement party.

The Party Day

Usually, engagement parties are held within three months after the proposal so as to give your visitors a chance to congratulate you in a timely manner. If it gets later, it might interfere with other pre-big day events.

Who Hosts the Celebration?

Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the party, and obviously, it means that the expenses and plans are upon the bride’s side. However, even groom’s side or the couple themselves hosts engagement parties nowadays.

Multiple Parties

An engagement party is held usually for only one time. However, you can consider two engagement parties too, one for your friends and one for your family members and relatives. If someone else hosts another party for you, you can have fun there too.

About the Proposal Day

Your guests will be quite curious to know your proposal story. The engagement day will be the best day to tell tales about, and you would want to share it with everyone. You can incorporate the story in a speech or print it out on booklets handed to the guests.

Big Day Plans

Just like your proposal story, your guests will be eager to hear about your big day plans too. They might ask about the date, venue, your wedding dress, etc. However, it is up to you whether or not you want to share the details, especially if your party is going to be a surprise.

Guest List

As an engagement party is an official wedding event, you need to choose your guest list carefully. To start with, include all your close friend and relatives. Note that any guest you invite for your engagement party can be invited to your wedding day too.


If you are going to plan your engagement party within a few days after the proposal, you do not have to send out paper invites. You can just send digital invites instead. Regardless, you need to let your guests know if your party will have a certain theme.


Receiving a gift on a wedding day is common, but not so during the engagement party. However, some guest may bring gifts. If you do not prefer one, you can mention it in the invitation.

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