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Best Engagement Party Venues to Rent in NYC

Best Engagement Party Venues to Rent in NYC

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Engagement Party Venues

There are many different place in NYC where you can hold an engagement party, but the list decidedly shrinks when you start getting particular about the things you want. For instance, if you could afford a place with Michelin Stars, skyline views, superb international cuisine, you would rarely pick anything else. Following is a list of the best of such venues you can book for an engagement celebration.

The NoMad Hotel Rooftop

This is also rentable as a private event space, and comprises a stylish combo of outdoor and indoor space. Located at the top of the famous NoMad hotel, it offers stunning views of Manhattan’s skyline, and an area spanning 1,950 square feet of dining areas, and reception options.

The Musket Room

An NZ-inspired restaurant in Manhattan, this place is the brainchild of New Zealander Matt Lambert, who is also co-owner of the place. Walk in once to try out their masterful Asian dishes, and you are sure to come back for more. The best part, of course, is that they also offer a venue for engagement parties.


A colonial American tavern that is relatively unknown in most circles, this rustic hideaway is located at the end of an alley. If that appeals, you can try to book a venue space here. Other times, the locals are almost constantly crowding the place, owing to the tasty traditional recipes this establishment uses.

The Beekman

A contemporary space in the downtown that bows to Victorian design, this building has a fully-restored interior comprising a nine-story atrium, breathtaking views of landmarks, and a comfortable space to entertain a decent number of guests while you hold an engagement bash.

The Wythe Hotel

One of the original spaces to causes Williamsburg to even be on the map of hipster destinations, the Wythe Hotel was built in 1901. Placed along the East River waterfront, this place has a solidly distinct character. You could not miss the pine ceilings and beams, the arched windows, original masonry, cast-iron columns, etc. The profusion of intimate spaces makes for prefect engagement party venues; you have the Reynard on the ground floor, the Blue Room on the rooftop, the Private Dining Room, and the Outdoor Garden.

Little Owl the Townhouse

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This is located inside a West Village townhouse that was built in the beginning of the last century. Renovation was done by architect S.R. Gambrel. The multi-level space is intimate and bright, and gives plenty of options for seated dinner or brunch at a long table. You could even go for a multi-floor cocktail party. Each couple’s taste decides how the space is customized.

The Brooklyn Winery

Offering a highly romantic space, this place is an indoor-meets-outdoor spot that a lot of locals love to spend time at. You have 25-foot ceilings, repurposed décor, cocktail tables, reclaimed wood paneling, and antique adornments. The profusion of hanging lights and candles fashions a soft ambiance, which is perfectly emphasized by the mixed-and-matched china. If you want a place to get first cheers as a couple, this is one you should consider.

The Garret East

This cocktail bar resembles a living room (although there is a stylish steel-topped bar) more than a watering hole. The main brick room is whitewashed and highly inviting, and the creative cocktails served here are certain to put a gathering of friends in easy spirits, pun intended. This place is also where they run the Dinnertable restaurant, a hidden speakeasy restaurant that can be rented for a small group of people.

St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club

A fixture in Williamsburg’s south side, this bar is located on Grand Street. If you want a 20’s themed space you can step into and forget the problems in your own world, St. Mazie Bar is the perfect spot for it. The main floor has the long bar leading to a music corner. Out back, you have an overgrown garden with grapes and wines forming the perfect ambience for a late-night supping experience. The whole place can be rented for some Jazz-themed revelry with friends and family.

Sel Rrose

This place feels like it flashed right over from 20th century Paris. Why? Because you cannot go two seconds without being taken in by the feel of that rustic romance in the air. Named after Rrose Sélavey, this cocktail bar sports a white marble bar and serves French-infused cocktails. A few of those in, and you may even start seeing ghosts of Hemingway and Fitzgerald.


With tropical meets South-of-France furnishing, this restaurant gives off a lush vibe. The name means “wild” in French, and the place certainly lives up to that with curves and linear designs. They serve 200 lesser-known spirits from under-the-radar producers, and you get to try these out as well if you rent the place for a day or less.

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