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Different Types of Engagement Traditions

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Traditional events will always be happening and filled with joy and excitement, let alone the case of engagement parties. The type of engagement traditions and rituals may vary with the lifestyle, country, cultural and financial background of people, etc. Below are a few glimpses of the fun-filled engagement traditions and ceremonies from different parts of the world.


In almost every European country, an engagement party is celebrated in a casual way when compared to the United States. In Germany, a promise diamond ring is given an equal importance as that of an engagement diamond ring. It is actually a tradition amongst the German people to gift a promise diamond ring to their better half while dating. This type of ring signifies that a person is not single anymore and the couple is trying to build up a future together. In other words, a promise diamond ring is a symbol of future engagement, and eventually, the wedding.

A promise diamond ring is usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand. After the couple is engaged, they will switch their promise rings to their right hand in order to make room for their engagement rings.


It will be hard to believe that the custom of arranged marriage was in practice in China until recently. Traditionally, the parents of the girl will choose a matchmaker and ask them to get a lucrative marriage proposal for their daughter. When they get a prospective groom, a formal engagement ceremony is held to move things forward. Even though modern people tend to choose their partners by themselves, some families still opt for an arranged marriage for their children.

At the time of a traditional engagement function, it was a custom for the family of the groom to present a variety of gifts to the bride. It may include chocolates, desserts, trinkets, clothes, jewelry pieces, etc., depending on their financial status. However, modern Chinese engagement ceremonies do not include such rituals; it is more like a casual pre-wedding function.


India is known to represent vibrant festive events and cheerful traditional ceremonies. According to some Hindu engagement traditions in India, the entire engagement and wedding celebration may last up to more than 10 days. As per the Indian tradition, the father of the groom will usually seek the permission of the bride’s father for the marriage of their children.

Once the bride’s father grants the permission, a grand engagement party is organized in which both the families will exchange the horoscopes of their respective children. This symbolizes that both the families are united for a lifetime now. However, the concept of an engagement ring is rare in India, and more importance is given to the wedding rings.

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