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Engagement Party Protocols and Decoration Ideas

Engagement Party Protocols and Decoration Ideas

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Engagement Party Protocols

An engagement party is a lot about maintaining an attractive outlook and receiving your guests in an appropriate manner. Good treatment could go a long way towards making a positive impact on people. Hence, it is very important to follow the right etiquette. Besides, the engagement ideas for decoration set the tone for a great event altogether. Therefore, the engagement decorations are also very important on the day. Below are a few engagement etiquette and decoration ideas that you can consider while planning your big event.


The attire you wear to the engagement party will depend upon the time of the day when the event is conducted. If the event is held at night, a dress is fine for women. This can be paired with a high-heels as well as catchy accessories. If the event is happening during the day, dress pants or a skirt are proper as well.

In the case of men, suits are the best choice if the event is formal and is scheduled in the evening. During the day, casual pants and sports jacket should be fine. In case the event is taking place in a house or a bar, you can go for casual attire such as clean-cut jeans, a button-down shirt, or Capri pants as well.

Inviting the Guests

The proper engagement etiquette is that you invite only those people who will be invited to the wedding as well. Usually, it includes close family and friends only. Similarly, when inviting the significant other of a close relative or a family member, make sure that you address them with their real name.


The right etiquette for the party is to not expect your guests to bring you gifts. You can even mention that on your engagement invitation, like “No gifts please”. In case gifts are offered to you, make sure not to open them during the engagement party. Additionally, remember to send “Thank You” notes upon receiving gifts.


It is always better to conduct the engagement party one to three months after the announcement about the engagement is made. This can be decided based on the dates of your wedding and engagement too. If the wedding date is a year after the engagement day, conduct the event three months after it. If the wedding is less than 10 months after the announcement of the engagement date, try to conduct the engagement party within one or two months.


Check the list of guests coming to your party and decide on the venue accordingly. Not just the number of guests, you also need to consider the type of guests here. For instance, in case your grandparents are attending the ceremony, a nightclub would not seem appropriate. Likewise, if there are people below the age of 21, conducting the event in a bar would not be a good idea.

Decoration Ideas

The best way to make your engagement event attractive is to get as creative as possible with your ideas. There are numerous themes and styles you could choose to go with. Hence, it is better to think through several options and decide the one that suits you the best. Then go ahead and plan on making it as attractive as possible.

For starters, decide of you want your engagement party to be classic or contemporary, or formal or informal. Remember that the outlook of your venue will set the tone of the event. Therefore, choosing the ring decoration is a crucial component of a successful engagement party.


For centerpieces, you can use a glowing bowl of water. In case of nighttime parties, you can use LED lights to add the illusion of colored water. For that, fill the bowls with water and place the colored LEDs underneath them, and the centerpiece would be ready to rock the party. You can also add candles for an added beauty.


Pick a theme for the party and get the same colored balloons from a nearby stationery store. You can choose two colors: one as the base and the other one as the accent color. Inflate the balloons with helium gas and tie multiple balloons to the chairs at your venue. Choose two base colored balloons and one accent colored one for a dramatic effect. Multiple balloons hanging in the air would surely add more charm to the engagement party.

Place Cards

Use cards to your advantage. You can get as creative as possible with these and decorate your venue in different ways. For instance, instead of numbering your tables, you can use something related to the theme you have picked. Say, if your engagement party was beach themed, you can use the names of different beaches for each of the tables.

Decorate the Couple

Use your imagination to decorate the couple with interesting properties. You can choose the extent of the embellishments from the manner in which the party is conducted. Use decorations according to whether the party is formal or informal. For instance, you can place a “Bride-to-Be” sash on yourself and a “Groom-to-Be” pin on your man’s shirt. This will add some more charisma to the event for sure.

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