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Everything you Need to Know about Engagement Cake Cutting

Everything you Need to Know about Engagement Cake Cutting

Engagement Cake
Engagement Cake Cutting

An engagement party is about the most important occasion in the life of any couple. This is probably why people are keen to stuff theirs with as much happiness and fun as possible, in a bid to make it all the more memorable. One of the emerging trends in the modern engagement party, is cake cutting. Most people would have heard of people cutting their wedding cake and having pictures taken with their loved ones in the background; the concept of engagement cake cutting is a lot similar to this.

This is possibly one of the sweetest ways to celebrate the love and commitment shared by a couple. There are no hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to engagement cakes. Any type of cake that the couple likes, is a go. People normally get a two-tier cake with multiple embellishments such as glowing candles, creative figurine toppers, etc.

There are two very popular options these days; formal centerpiece cakes and fun celebratory cakes. The former cake option, as the name indicates, is used in formal engagement functions where limited numbers of guests attend. This is usually a medium-sized cake, and one partly or wholly devoid of embellishments. In case your event is being catered by a professional service, or if you invite a number of out-of-town guests to your bash, it may be wise to go with something a lot bigger.

Fun celebratory cakes are usually designed keeping the theme of your engagement party in mind. This type of cakes is usually beautified using attractive colors, with the name of the couple drawn on top of the cake. You can also include details such as the date of the proposal, some important images depicting your relationship, the wedding date, etc.

One main purpose of including engagement cake cutting in the scheme of things, is to run a basic trial of the wedding cake cutting ceremony. That said, there is no reason you should not squeeze the juice out of this as well; try using unique flavors, patterns, and innovative stuff on your cake and see how it all works out. At any rate, make sure not to choose an engagement cake that is much bigger than your wedding cake. This one is meant to be more economic and minimalistic by comparison. In fact, it would be all right even if you got a cake that someone in the family basked for you.

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