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How to Plan an Engagement Party

How to Plan an Engagement Party

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An engagement party is thrown to rejoice the recent engagement of a couple. Hence, it must be outstanding. After all, it is to celebrate the beginning of a beautiful relationship between a couple. However, there are many guidelines to be followed when planning a pre-wedding party. So, if you have a sparkler on your finger and want to kick off your wedding celebrations with an engagement party, consider the things given below to host an ever-memorable event.

Who is Hosting the Bash?

You must be really attentive while deciding a host for your party. Traditionally, the bride’s parents used to host the pre-wedding party. However, an engaged couple, their siblings, friends, groom’s family, etc., also host such parties these days. Of course, it will be totally up to the bride and her family to accept or refuse if someone wants to throw an engagement party.

Pick a Date

Usually, engagement parties are held shortly after the groom proposes to his beloved. However, it is not a strict rule to throw a party right after your engagement. In case your engagement took place in any foreign country and it will take time for you to reach home, you can choose a convenient date for the engagement party. Just make sure that no other wedding celebrations take place before the event.

Guest List

It is better if the bride and groom sit down and make a list of the guests to be invited irrespective of whether or not you are hosting the bash. Additionally, consult with the host in order to settle on the number of guests to be invited. In case the host is making the guest list, ask them to consult with you before finalizing it. Note that it is always better to keep the pre-wedding party intimate by inviting only the close friends and family members. Moreover, do not discard the guest list after the party as you can use it for making a guest list for your wedding.


Choose a venue that allows you to be more flexible when it comes to deciding whether to make you bash a big event or to keep it formal or informal, etc. Otherwise, pick a perfect venue after deciding all those things. In order to keep it budget-friendly as well as a lovely event, your parent’s home or the backyard of any of your family members will be perfect. If you want to keep it more intimate or formal, you can choose the private dining room at an exquisite restaurant. Throwing a cocktail party will also be a great option to celebrate your engagement.

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