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Is it Ideal to Add a Small Diamond on a Promise Ring?

Is it Ideal to Add a Small Diamond on a Promise Ring?

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Promise rings have been used as a sign of love and commitment all through history. It remains the same even today. The promise rings are usually offered as a predecessor to engagement rings. They are simpler than the engagement rings, in their appearance. The promise rings, unlike most of the engagement rings, do not have a center diamond stone. However, some people like to increase the beauty of their promise ring by embedding a small diamond on the ring.

Adding a small diamond on the promise ring is a simple but elegant way to make the promise ring more attractive, even while keeping it simpler and different from a typical engagement ring. The engagement rings are very much different from the promise rings. Considering the cost, an engagement ring costs much more than a simple promise ring. Even if you choose to embed a small diamond stone on the promise ring, the price of the ring can still be affordable.

You will be able to get a simple but exquisite promise ring made in rose gold or other similar metal, for a comparatively low price. You can get a luxurious touch to the ring by adding a small diamond stone to it. However, the price would not change much.

There is another advantage of adding a small diamond to a promise ring. This will help to differentiate between a wedding ring and a promise ring. Most of the men wear the wedding ring as it is, and so the promise ring can be identified easily by the presence of this small diamond. Women, since they usually combine the engagement and wedding ring after marriage, do not require the differentiation.

Regarding the design of a promise ring, you have the freedom to choose if you want to have a vintage-style ring or a modern style ring. There is no particular standard for a promise ring, and hence, you can choose the setting and style, which is ideal for your partner. You may choose to have a classic 18th-century look for your promise ring or even the contemporary look with bright metals.

Promise rings are an effective way to convey your deep love to your beloved. It will depict how important they are to you. Adding a small diamond stone to the ring will make it more pleasing to your partner and it will give the ring an impressive and special look.

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