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Rare Engagement Ring Stones That Would Help you Stay on the Budget

Rare Engagement Ring Stones That Would Help you Stay on the Budget

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It is a fact that the rarer the gemstones are, the more costly it becomes, diamonds especially. However, this clause is not true for all of the rare gemstones. There are some rare and exceptional stones, which are valued low because they are unknown to many, and hence, lack a huge consumer demand. Below is the list of such rare gemstones for engagement rings that would perfectly fit your budget.


Spinels are so rare that most of the consumers do not even know they exist; this has kept its price very low. Spinels come in a wide range of colors, which include greenish blue, blue, red, orange, and purple. Another interesting fact about this stone is that they were mistaken for other stones throughout history. For instance, the Timur’s Ruby and Black Prince’s Ruby that was set on the Imperial State Crown were actually red spinels.

The most valued spinel colors are red and pink. The red spinel could give the radiant shine of ruby while still being at a low price. They would really make beautiful and durable stones for your affordable engagement rings with a strong radiance and fire.


Moldavite is actually an extraterrestrial glass. It was formed as by an asteroid impact that occurred 150 million years ago. The asteroid hit the earth with a high velocity that it melted and splattered across the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany. These spectacular yellowish green stones are famous as jewelry stones and display specimens.

Similar to glass, both artificial and natural moldavites are brittle. Therefore, it is best to use a bezel setting to keep this alien visitor safe. This way, these would make the best alternative for affordable diamond rings.


This beautiful stone was discovered in the 1960’s by the Maasai tribesmen, who lived in Tanzania during that time. Tanzanite stones appear to be in a brown color when they are first formed on Earth and they change a dazzling blue to violet color when they are exposed to high temperatures.

Another interesting fact about tanzanite gemstones is that they only occur in the 4 km radius of Tanzania’s Merelani Hills. They are even much rarer than diamonds.

Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite Garnet is also called spessartines. The color of this beautiful stone ranges from flaming yellow-orange and brilliant orange to brownish red. These colors are often matched to colors in the wings of a monarch butterfly. Bright orange spessartines look especially stunning and are the best bid for making affordable engagement rings.

The spessartine that comes in reddish-orange color is the most valuable one though. Some say, they can even beat rubies as alternatives for affordable diamond rings.

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