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Some Do’s and Don’ts for your Engagement Party

Some Do’s and Don’ts for your Engagement Party

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An engagement party is a great occasion for a family and friends gathering. It is one of the best chances to meet and greet new people as well as to celebrate the excitement of being engaged with family and friends. However, preparations for an engagement party can be quite tiring, and you need to plan a lot of things to host one. Given below is a quick guide on some of the do’s and don’ts for engagement parties.


  • Plan your engagement party with buffet-style meals; this will be a good idea because people will get to taste different types of food items at their convenience. Ready-to-serve food stations are even better, as they offer fresh and delicious food all through the party.
  • Consider using small cocktail tables instead of using banquet settings. This will encourage all your guests to mingle, mix, dance, and eat with the other guests.
  • Choose a theme for the party to give the venue a beautiful and elegant look. You can pick from any of the popular engagement party themes, such as the flower theme, color theme, balloon theme, spring theme, etc.
  • A formal dessert plate with a slice of cake will be delightful, but you can save this idea for your wedding party. For the engagement party, you can offer a plate of small desserts like macaroons, cookies, cupcakes, fresh fruits, candies, etc.


  • Make sure not to have a seating arrangement. This is because if you place your guests in groups having people they know, then there is a less chance that they will meet your fiancé’s family and friends.
  • Remember that it is just an engagement party and D-day is yet to come. Therefore, do not spend too much money on luxurious party decors and a huge number of invites. Make it an intimate get-together with the near and dear ones, and serve good quality food and beverages.
  • You do not have to invite guests whom you are not going to invite for your wedding. You can simply invite all the ones invited to your engagement for your wedding as well.
  • Usually, guests do not bring any gifts to an engagement party, but some might. If you do not prefer gifts, you can mention it in your invitation so that they do not bring any gifts.

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