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Steps to Get a Flawless Makeup to Shine at an Engagement Party

Steps to Get a Flawless Makeup to Shine at an Engagement Party

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Getting a beautiful and flawless makeup for the engagement party of your bestie can be quite time-consuming; it needs enough patience at least. However, if done in the right way, it can get quite easy. Given below is a step-by-step guide you can follow to get a perfect engagement party makeup.

Step 1: Skin Care and Primer

Apply your regular moisturizer and keep it for 15 minutes at least. Then, move on to using a face primer. A face primer acts as a barrier between the foundation and skin, and thus, is necessary for making foundation last for a long time.

Step 2: Foundation

Now that you have applied primer and moisturizer, applying foundation becomes smooth. Put on a good foundation that you like, be it cream, liquid, or powder. Just make sure it suits your skin tone. If you use cream or liquid foundation, set it by applying a little loose powder so that it stays long.

Step 3: Eyeshadow

Choose an eyeshade that complements your dress color. It means that you need to choose a color that is not the color of your outfit. Apply it by means of a flat eyeshadow brush and blend using a fluffy dome-shaped brush.

Step 4: Eyeliner and Mascara

Draw a fine or thick stroke of any eyeliner color you prefer. After that, curl your lashes and then apply any color mascara of your choice. Start from the roots of your lash and move the wand in a zigzag way until you reach the tip.

Step 5: Blush

For a beautiful glow, put some blush on your cheeks in an upward motion. Blend it using a big fluffy brush. A good way to see where the blush needs to be applied is by smiling and seeing in a mirror to spot the high-rise points on cheeks.

Step 6: Contour and Highlight

For contouring your cheeks, use a matte shade that is at least two tints darker than your skin tone. To highlight, apply powder or shimmer blush on the T zone of your face and cheekbones too. Highlighting will give your face a good glow in photographs.

Step 7: Lip Liner

Before you start applying makeup, put some lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. In addition, this might also allow your lipstick to glide on easily. After removing the lip balm, line your lips using a lip pencil before you apply the lipstick.

Step 8: Lip Color

Run your lipstick on your lips, and using a tissue, remove smudges if any. Then, apply a little bit of loose powder onto the lips to make the color last a little longer. After this, apply one more coat, press a tissue over it, and you are done!

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