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Steps to Pick a Venue for your Engagement Party

Steps to Pick a Venue for your Engagement Party

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An engagement is one of the most auspicious and memorable occasions in the life of almost every person. After all, it marks the beginning of an enduring and beautiful journey with your life partner. It is one of the best ways to announce your union to your friends and family. Additionally, an engagement party is a great way for your families and friends to mingle with each other. Hence, you must make sure that each and every element related to your engagement party is extraordinary. Note that some of the basic things required for an engagement party are the ring, venue, and outfit. Out of these, the party venue is one of the most important things that you must consider.

Your pre-wedding party venue plays a major role in making your guests comfortable and also in sprucing up the overall ambiance of your occasion. Besides, it is not easy to select a venue like a ring or an outfit. There are many important things that you must consider while choosing a venue for your engagement party. Some of those important things are given below.

Do a Good Research

Visit different types of party venues such as restaurants, pubs, bars, etc. These are suitable options for those who do not compromise on their food and beverages. Note that most bars and pubs offer a variety of appetizers in case you are not planning to throw a sit-down dinner party. Plus, they offer a formal seating for the guests.

In case you are looking for a place that has it all, better look for a reception hall that offers waiter service, bartenders, catering staff, and all. For this, you may consider the nearby hotels or clubs that provide such services in their banquet room. This will be a great way to spend your special day without any stress.

You may think about your home or any of your loved one’s home if you are looking for an affordable party venue. In case you feel that your home to too small to throw an engagement party, you may go for an open house party throughout the day in which your guests can come in and out as they like. You can make use of your open and large spaces in your home for this such as backyards, patios, etc.

If you are planning an in-house engagement party, move some of your furniture pieces to other room in order to make your room look spacious. Additionally, decorate your home with fragrant blooms or other simple decors. In order to add to the overall festive ambiance, hang some of your couple photos using a string light.

Outdoor locations will be a great option for people who are planning to throw a huge bash. Additionally, outdoor party venues will give you a relaxed and peaceful ambiance. You may add the fun quotient of your gathering by arranging barbeques, grills. Conduct outdoor games like volleyball, bocce ball, etc., in order to keep your guests entertained.

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For this, you may consider any of the local parks. Beautify the venue using tea lights or string lights if you planning to throw your engagement party at night. Another out of the box option is to search for a party venue that reflects your personality. A bowling alley or a boating field will be a good option for adventurous people. If you prefer a luxurious and relaxed feeling, options like vineyards or rooftops will be great.

Figure out the Logistics

Now that you have shortlisted some party venues, determine a budget for your bash. This will mainly depend on the number of guests, food, decors, etc. According to a recent study, you will have to spend around $20 per person in order to throw a decent engagement party. So, always keep your budget in mind while choosing all these factors.

Try to choose a venue that will accommodate all your guests well. In fact, your guest list will determine the size of your venue. Note that some venues demand a minimum number of guests and so, you must plan accordingly. Likewise, check whether the venue is available for your date. In case you have a particular venue in mind, you may plan your engagement party date as per their openings. However, make sure that you book a venue before you start inviting the guests.

One of the important things to consider is that you must talk to the couple of honor if they are not hosting the bash. The host, as well as the couple, must be aware of the budget. Additionally, discuss other important logistics with them such as the guest list, food, theme, etc. After all, it is their day and they must be comfortable.

Finally, consider your theme while deciding on your venue. That is, throw a beach party if your theme is anything related to ocean, water, or nature. In case you prefer a vintage-themed party, consider an old warehouse as your party venue. For a fancy affair, an estate or a formal garden will be ideal. The key point is to make sure that your venue is perfect for your decoration style. Additionally, inquire about the activities and other facilities that the venue offers.

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