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Things Every Bride Must Avoid after Getting Engaged

Things Every Bride Must Avoid after Getting Engaged

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Your engagement day will be one of the most memorable and auspicious days in your life since it marks the beginning of a beautiful journey with your life partner. When you are in your newly engaged bliss, you are more likely to be in a dream world cherishing the charm of your brand-new sparkler and love.

Obviously, your engagement day will be the time for celebration and the couples will be bouncing off the walls out of excitement, especially the bride-to-be. However, you are more likely to make some commitments and promises at this time that may make things go worst later. Some of those strict don’ts that every bride must take care of after getting engaged are given below.

Do Not Rush and Invite Guests to your Wedding

You will be on cloud nine on your engagement day, and hence, you are more likely to do certain things only out of excitement and happiness. One of those things is inviting your guests to the wedding. Note that you will be totally unaware of your wedding plans on your engagement day; you will have to decide on basic things like venue, budget, number of guests, etc., before inviting your guests. Once you invite people, you cannot undo it. So, be practical and hold off your save-the-dates until you structure your wedding plans.

Do Not Commit That you Will Take the Financial Responsibility for your Wedding

Another common commitment that most brides tend to do after getting engaged is to take the responsibility for their entire wedding. Of course, your intentions will be pure, but this decision may things really hard for you in the future. So, it is better to get an idea regarding your wedding expense before promising such things. Note that usually, the bridesmaids will be in charge of your wedding outfit, accessories, shoes, lodging, makeup, hair, travel, etc. It will mess things up if you later say that you cannot swing those things. In fact, this may ruin your relationship with your bridesmaids.

Do Not Ask your Parents to Plan Things as They Wish

Out of your engagement euphoria, you may blindly tell to your parents that they can plan your wedding as they prefer. In this case, the chances are more for you to take your words back because you cannot overlook the possibility of conflicts between the traditional concepts of your parents and your modern values. Here, the situations like inviting all their friends to your wedding party, compelling you to marry at the same church they tied the knot, etc., are common. So, it is better to hold off and discuss things with your partner before committing things like this. Besides, the groom’s parents will also have certain opinions regarding your big day.

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