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Throwing an Engagement Brunch

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An engagement party is central to the celebration of many an upcoming nuptials, and throwing a brunch is one way to make sure everyone has a great time. While you could have the get-together as anything from an intimate barbecue dinner to a huge cocktail party, the middle ground is best achieved if you throw a brunch party. The formal nature of this is just enough that you need to put some thought into it beforehand, but with the timing being during the day, you can also pull off a slightly more casual affair compared to a cocktail party set in the evening.

What to Do

The first thing to decide even before you dive into engagement party ideas is where the family or you would like the party hosted. It is usually the bride’s family that hosts, but there are no rigid rules in this area. One good reason brunch is such a great idea is that you can have it either at home or your favorite restaurant. After setting a date, you need to come up with a guest list, and make sure the venue can hold all the people that you have decided on inviting. You also need to check to make sure that your budget allows all your guests.

Then comes the part where you send out invites, which can be formal paper affairs send via post, or an online invite if you decide to keep things casual. The main info that needs to be presented includes the “where” and the “when”, and for convenience’s sake, remember to ask people to RSVP. Do not mention gifts on the invitation, except if you want to let your people know you won’t be accepting any.

After your invitations have gone out, you can start with the fun bit. Decorate the brunch venue according to what your budget allows, pulling ideas from things you really liked when you saw others use them. Consider going with a color palette featuring lighter colors to keep things livelier or otherwise, pick white or ivory, or just pastels.

Costs can be kept low by executing the engagement decorations mostly by yourself, and only taking on professional services where you just can’t seem to get things exactly the way you want them. You can also bring in pretty mason jars, and fill them with baby’s breath or single stem flowers. The overall setup should reflect the mood you wish to convey.

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