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Tips for Grabbing the Best Beach Engagement Photos

Tips for Grabbing the Best Beach Engagement Photos

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Beach engagement pictures can be the most romantic and fun-filled aspect signifying your newly cemented commitment to one another. There are few points to be made against this unless you really cannot stand sand around your feet, in which case you are simply reading the wrong post. Moving on, beaches look great any time of year, and you can have a lot of fun toeing the water and picnicking near the shore. Following are some post engagement tips for couples on making their beach photo shoot the ultimate next-level experience.

Pick a Vibe

Are you intent on making things seem fun and adventurous, or do you fancy a romantic photo session by the water? Picking one among these two and other post engagement ideas are essential to setting the mood for people who will be seeing your photos. A loose theme is best because it can strike a chord with you without causing you to stress yourself out. In the meantime, also pick out props and outfits that go well with what you choose.

The best way to approach this is the same way you would a fashion shoot—start out with a concept and once you have the general theme set in place, bear that in mind when picking out outfits and accessories, and even locations.

Dress for Success

If dreamy and romantic is the look you are going for, then pick a dressy, light outfit, such as a flowing dress in pastel color. This could bring in a fairytale photo setting to the mix, although you would also need to make sure your partner matches you in more than one shade. A relaxed romantic look need not be knocked before it is tried. A white dress with floral embroidery can look softly beautiful next to the water, and your fiancé can match this by wearing blue jeans and a white shirt.

For a more casual, playful look that turns your photos into snaps of adventure, pick out your wardrobe with an eye on wear and colors that are informal and of course, carefree. Regardless of what you pick to wear, coordinate your outfits to make sure there are obvious common elements in them, whether comprising the color palette, texture, or even overall style. Looking cohesive is part of the deal, at least this time.

The setting can be made more visually interesting by throwing in colorful sunglasses or a beach blanket. This is your story, so make sure to carry something that marks it as yours.

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