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Tips for Personalizing your Engagement

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It is every person’s dream to have the best engagement for them to remember it for a life time. It is a most awaited moment in your life where your dream comes true. So you have to make the best arrangements to celebrate your engagement. Instead of following the regular customs and patterns to arrange your engagement, you can do something special and unique. Create your own style when arranging your engagement by personalizing it. Make this precious moment the most memorable by creating best engagement ideas that are unique to you.

An engagement is an occasion where two people make a commitment towards each other. But it is not only just about the couples but also about the families. Two families are also becoming one at this occasion. So when you plan your engagement try to incorporate your family along with your personal preferences. Then only your engagement will be complete. Following are some of the ideas which will help you to plan your engagement in a unique way.

Selecting a Theme

When selecting a theme for your engagement you should select it in such a way that it reflects your character. Engagement decorations can be arranged based on this theme. Many people select common themes such as love, vintage etc. But if you want to add a personal touch to it, then select a theme which reflects your life and style.

You can select the theme based on your family background, specific customs or cultures followed by your family or even from a movie or story that you and your partner like. Be sure to make it unique and charming.

Selection of Songs

The playlist that you select for your engagement party is also important. Make sure to include your and your partner’s favorite songs. You can also include suggestions from your family members. Select songs which are special for you. For example the first song that you heard together or a song which describes the nature of your relationship etc. can be selected to play during your engagement party.

A Wall of Wishes

You can set up a wall for your friends and family members to write wishes for the couples. This is a great way to personalize your engagement and to create a beautiful memory. You can keep this wall in your house for reminiscing about these wonderful moments later in your life. These hand-written transcripts will add a personal touch to your engagement.

Selecting a Location

A wide range of options are available for you while selecting a location for your engagement. You can select a hotel, an auditorium, church, beach side, your garden etc. Where ever you conduct your engagement, be sure to select a place that matches your likes and dislikes. If you are a person who loves sea, then you can conduct your engagement in a beach. If you want more privacy select a hotel or an auditorium. You can also arrange a party on the roof top to add a special feeling.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are an important part of any engagement. You can select different styles of food and can include food items that are specific to your place or some continental items or a combination of both. You have to consider the likes and dislikes of other people too when considering the food options. Every food item may not be liked by everyone alike. Even though you may not be able to satisfy every person’s need, try to include some varieties from which the guests can choose.

This applies in the case of beverages too. Both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks can be included for the guests to choose from. It is not possible to avoid either of these categories as some people may prefer alcoholic drinks while some others prefer non-alcoholic drinks.

Another part is selecting the desserts to serve after the food. You can include ice creams, fruit salads, chocolates, cotton candies or even popcorns in your dessert menu.

Light Arrangements

Light arrangement should be chosen carefully. It should not be too bright or too dim. Select an optimum lighting. If you are adding decorative lights make sure that the color of the light matches the theme that you chose.

Thanking the Guests

You can thank your guest for attending this special moment with you. You can show your gratitude by giving them small gifts or thanks cards. If you want to add a personal touch, then you can give them hand written notes. It might not be possible to give everyone of your guests such hand written notes. But you can give notes to your family members and best friends to show your love and gratitude towards them.

An engagement is a special occasion in everyone’s life. So, make it the best by giving a personal touch to it rather than following common trends and practices. Create your own style for your engagement to make it memorable.


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