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Tips to Throw a Surprise Engagement Party

Tips to Throw a Surprise Engagement Party

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It is true that there are no certain rules for announcing your engagement to your friends and family members. Most couples prefer doing it through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, while others actually call their parents and close friends to break the news. However, neither of these is an option if you choose to surprise your bae with a ring. If you are looking for a creative way to propose to your bride, then you should consider hosting a surprise engagement party. You should invite friends, family, and colleagues, and then propose in front of everyone.

However, if you have already proposed and she has said yes, then you should both host a party together to announce the news. Below are a few simple tips that you need to consider when planning a surprise engagement party.

Create a Guest List

The first and foremost thing you should do is create a guest list. Several expert wedding planners advice customers not to go overboard while adding names. It is best to invite close friends and relatives from both sides of the family, and leave others out. You can let them know by simply changing the relationship status on your social media profile.

Keep the Engagement a Secret

After you are engaged, you would normally be very excited, stealing glances at the stunning engagement ring in your finger. That makes it harder to keep your engagement a secret from others. However, if you wish to see the surprise on the faces of friends and family, make sure you don’t wear the ring when one of them can see it. This will be hard, because diamond rings are meant to be worn, but a bit of patience can reward you some really gratifying experiences featuring stunned faces and held breaths.

Get Help

Hosting a surprise engagement party on your own can be pretty stressful, which is why it is best to seek the help of a close friend or trusted acquaintance to facilitate the event. If you are afraid that your friends or siblings may leak the news before you want it in the open, don’t let them in just yet; instead, consider hiring a wedding planner. Find an experienced professional, as they will take care of all the party plans and help you to turn the surprise engagement party into a huge success.

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