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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Birthstone for the Engagement Ring

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Birthstone for the Engagement Ring

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The popularity of birthstone engagement rings is growing since such jewelry, which is gifted to a person on the birth month, feature alternative gemstones to diamonds. As per birthstone horoscope, diamond falls under April, so if you go by the rule, you can gift diamond engagement ring only to a person born in the fourth month of a calendar year. Regardless, below are top 5 reasons why you should choose a birthstone for the engagement ring.

It Increases your Options

If your partner is born in other months, you will have a more affordable gemstone to choose from in all likelihood. Many colored gemstones, such as Emerald, Ruby, Pearl, Amethyst, Aquamarine, and so forth, can be used for designing birthstone engagement rings. You can even choose a birthstone-themed ring with a centerpiece gemstone and accent diamonds for your soul mate.

Colored and Colorless Birthstones Have Symbolism

Of course, the symbolism of a birthstone can vary from one another, although love and devotion remain to be the underlying meaning in all of them. Most birthstones are traditionally believed to heal or augur well to certain health concerns. Further, you have more colors to choose from in the same birthstone, with some even having colorless options as well.

The Birthstone Color Will Fit the Occasion

Your partner might fancy owning a birthstone engagement ring of a particular color that suits her style of outfit. Further, it may also happen to be a case of birthstone color matching the eye color of your partner. Since many colored birthstones fall under the year-round horoscope, if you believe in these things, you can choose an elegant center stone for the birthstone ring.

Days Instead of Months

If you are not all that keen on birthstones associated with a specific month, you could still choose one that stands for the particular day your partner was born. For instance, you can go for Emerald or Ruby for Tuesdays, or have Diamond or Topaz for Sundays. You can even select birthstone engagement rings associated with the day on which you and your lover met for the first time.

Birthstones Can Make People Envious

Birthstone-themed rings are bound to get noticed by people who envy fancy stones, and that might elicit a positive response from an onlooker. This can be the case especially if they share a birthstone same as you, or know the association of birthstones with months, Zodiac signs, and days of a week.

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